Chop chicken larb cups – Jiao

Chop chicken larb cups - Jiao
Nam pla, fried noodles, cucumber, lime, lettuce cups. $11
Jiao, Palm Springs CA

Chop chicken larb cups - Jiao
This was just ok tasting. Even with all those great ingredients, the chicken larb mixture was somehow bland and dry. I had to add plenty of the table sauces to make it more palatable.

Sapporo lite beer - Jiao

Sapporo lite beer. $4


Chile seared shrimp – Jiao

Chile seared shrimp - Jiao
Vermicelli noodles, tomatoes, green onions, mint, cilantro, crushed peanuts, rice wine vinegar. $11
Jiao, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, this was tasty! The shrimp were tender and delicious and all the noodles and herbs kept the dish super light. A great, summery dish – noms!

Lychee iced tea - Jiao

Lychee iced tea. $3

Black sesame shortbread cookies - Jiao
Black sesame shortbread cookies. Complimentary with check

Chilled veggie summer roll – Jiao

Chilled veggie summer roll - Jiao
With sweet and sour pepper sauce. $7
Jiao, Palm Springs CA

I really liked this roll. The addition of ripe mango was great and the pepper sauce kept everything bright and fresh. We were looking for light fare so this was perfect!

Place settings - Jiao
Place settings.

Backyard lemon tree
Lemon tree in the backyard on a typical Palm Springs day.

Shaking beef – Jiao

Shaking beef - Jiao
Served over lettuce with cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, lime, and fried shallots. $16
Jiao, Palm Springs CA

Shaking beef - Jiao
This was a great light version of shaking beef! I was pleasantly surprised that it came out as more of a large salad than a pile of meat. Surprising for me, I know, but I was in the mood for a lighter meal that day.

Place setting - Jiao
Place setting with spoon and chopsticks.

Joshua Tree National Park
Entering Joshua Tree National Park and seeing our first few Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia, Asparagaceae).

King crab sui mai dumplings – Jiao

King crab sui mai dumplings - Jiao
Jiao is my new go-to restaurant in Palm Springs for delicious Asian-inspired small plates! These crab sui mai, though, were probably my least favorite thing I’ve had there. They were bland and you could barely taste any of the crab! The wrapper was also dry. $7
Jiao, Palm Springs CA

Dipping sauces - Jiao

Assorted dipping sauces. The crunchy one is my favorite! They’re all a bit salty, but I seem to douse every dish with some combination of these sauces, lol!

Trimmed palm trees
I love that they trim to old palm fronds that hang down on the palm trees. They look like tight pencil skirts!