Zucchini bread – Napa Farms Market

Zucchini bread - Napa Farms Market
Freshly grated zucchini is baked into this hearty bread that’s complimented by crunchy walnuts and spiced cinnamon. $2.75
Napa Farms Market, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

I think it’s interesting that this market sells baked goods from City Baking Company which is actually based out of South San Francisco and not Napa Valley. Oh well, the bread was delicious and cut nice and thick.

Small drip Equator coffee - Napa Farms Market

Small drip Equator Coffees & Teas. $2.25

Scramble special – Chloe’s Cafe

Scramble special - Chloe's Cafe
Two scrambled eggs with fresh mushroom, tomato, basil, zucchini and Jarlsberg cheese. Served with a cup of fresh fruit (strawberry, banana, orange, cantaloupe, honeydew melon), 2 slices whole wheat walnut bread, Darigold butter, and raspberry jam. $10.75
Chloe’s Cafe, San Francisco

Mmm, this scramble was very good and pretty healthy, even with cheese. Jalrsberg has less fat than other cheese so it was more guilt-free. All the vegetables were delicious, but I wish the eggs had been cooked as a softer scramble. That would have been perfect!

White Hygrandea (Hydrangeaceae), Jersey Street
White Hygrandea (Hydrangeaceae), Jersey Street. The house down the street improved their sidewalk-scaping along the side of their building. I love the addition off these lovely Hydrangeas.

Sopa de albondigas – Mijita

Sopa de albondigas Mijita

Mexican meatball soup. Beef and pork meatballs in a tomato based broth with carrots, onions, zucchini, celery, lime, parsley, and shredded tortilla chips. $8
Mijita, San Francisco

Yet another soup that was served luke warm! Was this suppose to be served that way? I like my soups HOT! If they’re too hot, then I’ll just wait a couple minutes for them to cool down, but I enjoy them so much more when they’re able to warm my stomach, literally! This soup was OK. Not sure why it’s on the 7×7 Big Eat list. There are plenty of other soups out there that have more flavor (and are served piping hot). The meatballs are tiny, making them easier to eat I suppose. With that much vegetables in the soup, you’d think that it’d have a little more flavor.

Oh, and a sea gull tried to attack me while sitting at the outside table. That was my cue to move inside, but there are still birds running around there too. Gross, so unsanitary!

Sopa de albondigas Mijita

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011, 2012

Bean curd with wine sauce – Chef Wang Restaurant

Bean curd with wine sauce Chef Wang Restaurant

Fried tofu with broccoli, bok choy, zucchini, carrot, onion, peas, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and garlic. $6.95
Chef Wang Restaurant, Millbrae CA

You never sure what you’re gonna get from some Chinese menus because certain dish names aren’t very descriptive. Who knew this dish would have such a variety of vegetables in it!? Pleasant surprise. 🙂

Unfortunate Helen Keller dinner – Johannes Restaurant

Johannes Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

Ok, the title of this blog entry is a little unfair, but I wanted to vent a little bit. I actually had a very good experience at Johannes. The service was excellent as was the food.

But I’m just gonna go out and say it – I hate super dark restaurants!

For me, part of an amazing dining experience is being able to actually see what I’m eating. For instance, my duck appetizer tasted great and I’m sure it looked amazing – BUT I COULDN’T SEE IT! I really wanted to see the amazing roasted duck against the dark lentils and the beautifully drizzled raspberry vinaigrette. BUT everything looked just like a dark lump. I tried positioning the candle to get better shots to no avail. What you see on this blog is WAY better than what I actually saw in person!

How does a dimly lit room improve my dining experience!? I can’t see my food. I can’t see my dining my guest. I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!!!

This is becoming such a pet peeve for me that I’m tempted to decline my next reservation if I enter a restaurant and see that it’s lit like a Paleozoic cave! Just wait, I’m gonna do it! This is ridiculous!

So in conclusion, I enjoyed my dinner but it was a little overpriced considering that I couldn’t FULLY enjoy my meal.

Lillet blonde Johannes Restaurant

Lillet blonde. Over ice, orange zest. $9

Vodka martini Johannes Restaurant

Grey Goose vodka martini up with olives. $11

Pimm's cup Johannes Restaurant

Pimm’s cup, lemon juice, over ice. $9

Brussels sprouts salad Johannes Restaurant

Brussels sprouts salad (special). Lemon juice, olive oil, pecorino cheese and walnuts. $12
Very bright and refreshing. This was a simple salad that you can easily make at home. I think the hardest part would be leafing the brussels sprouts, probably very labor intensive.

Honey and soy glazed duck breast Johannes Restaurant

Honey and soy glazed duck breast. Sliced roasted duck breast, Beluga lentil salad, tiny greens and raspberry vinaigrette. $11
My favorite dish of the night. It was served cold and tasted amazing. I’m sure it was beautifully composed, but I really couldn’t see much of it. The dark duck on the dark lentils looked like a black blob in the restaurant. The flavor were great and the textures were fun.

Australian grass fed kangaroo loin Johannes Restaurant

Australian grass fed kangaroo loin. Glazed bosc pear, veal bacon, walnuts, orange, cranberries, broccolini, juniper merlot reduction. $29
The kangaroo didn’t taste as crazy as I thought it would. I guess the chef recommends it served medium rare, but this came out pretty rare. I wish I would have ordered it medium instead. It was very tender and the reduction tasted great. The bosc pear came out super hot and delicious, and I loved the mixed topping.

New Zealand grass fed young lamb rack Johannes Restaurant

New Zealand grass fed young lamb rack. White beans, zucchini, tomatoes, grilled green onions, triple Dijon mustard sauce. $36
Wow, you get a LOT of lamb – 6 ribs of it! This was very delicious and super tender. I wish the grilled green onions weren’t on the plate though. They seemed too clunky for an otherwise beautiful plate.

Bread and butter Johannes Restaurant

Baguette and pesto butter.

6 ounce lobster tail – The Lobster House

6 ounce lobster tail The Lobster House

Steamed and served with drawn butter and lemon wedge, seasonal vegetables, rice pilaf and homemade sweet cabbage.  $21.95
The Lobster House, Palm Springs

I think that you can probably already see in this pic that the lobster is WAY overcooked.  Why, why, why!?  This was another sad plate at The Lobster House.  I just checked on Yelp and this place only has 2 stars.  I should have checked before we dined here!  The sides were throw-away items that did nothing to save the butchered lobster tail.

Cajon shrimp – The Lobster House

Cajon shrimp The Lobster House

The (cajun) shrimp is served with seasonal vegetables, rice pilaf and sweet cabbage.  $19.95
The Lobster House, Palm Springs

Omg!  These shrimp were SO overcooked!  This plate made me more than a little sad.  Everything on it was poorly cooked and/or drenched in butter to try and cover up the bad quality of the ingredients.  I couldn’t taste much of the cajun flavor on the shrimp since the overcooked taste overpowered everything.  Sadly, this was a meal I can’t take back.  😦