Buffalo chicken burger – Holy Cow!

Buffalo chicken burger - Holy Cow!
Breaded chicken fillet with chili sauce and lettuce, served with barbecue flavored fries. 210 PHP
Holy Cow!, Manila PHILIPPINES

I don’t know where the béarnaise sauce fits in, but they gave me an entire gravy boat of it, lol! I’m not sure that béarnaise screams bbq to me, but whatever. I’m not gonna judge another country’s interpretation of foreign cuisine. This burger was decent but I wish it had more chili sauce and none of the béarnaise sauce. The bbq flavored fries didn’t taste very bbq-y either.

San Miguel light beer - Holy Cow!
San Miguel light beer. 70 PHP

Cory Aquino Memorial Shrine and Ninoy Aquino Monument
Cory Aquino Memorial Shrine and Ninoy Aquino Monument, Intramuros.

Wagyu beef onglet – ANZU

Wagyu beef onglet ANZU
10 ounces of grilled hanger steak served with Béarnaise sauce and blue cheese butter, regular and sweet potato frites, and a mushroom custard topped with sauteed carrots and zucchini.
ANZU, San Francisco

I ordered the onglet medium rare, and it arrived cooked perfectly.  I’m always weary when a beef cut is labeled “Wagyu” because I have to wonder if it’s actually imported from Japan.  I’ve heard that some places will call their beef “Wagyu” even though the meat is sourced locally.  Regardless, this meat was very tender and delicious.  I preferred the blue cheese butter more than the Béarnaise sauce.  I was disappointed that the frites were oily and soggy, though.