Buttermilk pancake – Novy Restaurant

Buttermilk pancake - Novy Restaurant
Maple syrup, fresh fruit, powdered sugar. Side order.
Novy Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This pancake was good. I liked the fluffy texture, and it tasted great with the fruit and syrup on top!

Shrimp and grits – Novy Restaurant

Shrimp and grits - Novy Restaurant
Poached eggs, creamy grits, sauteed shrimp, bacon, red bell pepper, paprika. $16
Novy Restaurant, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I loved this dish since there was SO sauce over the grits. The poached eggs were an added yolk-y bonus on top! Yum!

Truffled egg sandwich – Railgarten Diner

Truffled egg sandwich - Railgarten Diner
Fried egg, thick cut bacon, garlic aioli, lettuce, bruleed tomatoes, truffled oil. Served with duck fat fried three potato hash. $11.75
Railgarten Diner, Memphis TN

This sandwich was really good and I loved the truffle oil. The best part though was the duck fat potato hash! Omg, it was SO tasty!

Watermelon mimosa - Railgarten Diner
Watermelon mimosa. This mimosa was sickeningly sweet and I couldn’t even begin to finish it. Thank goodness that the server was kind enough to not charge me for it. Yay!