Fish and chips – Firewood Cafe

Fish and chips Firewood Cafe

Generous portion of battered and deep fried fish fillets, served with crispy French fries. $12.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco (SFO)

Wow, I was really surprised how many pieces of fish there was in this basket. There must have been at least six fillets in there! And the French fries were straight out of the fryer hot and perfectly crispy.

Penne bolognese – Firewood Cafe

Project 365: Day 54

I felt really tired this morning, so it was a nice surprise to arrive at work and find out that I’ll be in a training class for the next three days. It’s a nice break from the usually daily grind. I leave for Ohio on Friday so I’m looking forward to that. I just have to keep thinking to myself, “Just 3 more work days after today!”

I’m totally feeling like a gigantic fatty after this weekend. And I didn’t go to the gym this evening because I had to run some clothes to the dry cleaners, and also do some laundry at home. I’m gonna have to work really hard at the gym the next few days.

Penne bolognese Firewood Cafe

Penne pasta with a meat sauce of mild Italian sausage, ground beef, tomatoes, basil, fresh garlic, and grated parmesan cheese. Served with bread. $11.25
Firewood Cafe, SFO San Francisco

This was pretty standard, but it totally hit the spot. I was craving carbs for lunch and the meat sauce was nice and hearty. The portion was also generous and I ended up taking half of it to-go.

Prosciutto pizza – Firewood Cafe

Prosciutto pizza Firewood Cafe

Thinly sliced Colosseum prosciutto with tender baby arugula and cheese. $10.50
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco

I’m gonna come and out say it – Firewood isn’t fine dining (I mean, you have to order at a register and take a number) but I REALLY like their pizzas! It’s nice to have a more casual option that’s fast and consistent and has pretty decent food that’s familiar and crave-able.

Prosciutto pizza Firewood Cafe

Prosciutto and arugula, how can you go wrong? I love their thin crusts!

Marinated olives Firewood Cafe

Marinated olives. Complimentary.

Rock shrimp tortellini – Firewood Cafe

Rock shrimp tortellini Firewood Cafe

Stuffed with fresh gulf rock shrimp, green onions, shallots and red bell peppers.  Served with Firewood sauce (mixture of marinara sauce and white wine cream sauce) and bread, topped with parsley and shaved parmesan cheese.  $9.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco

I’ll admit that I’ve had this dish more than a few times after hanging out at the surrounding bars all night, hehe!  I think it’s the Firewood sauce, a great mixture of marinara, wine, and cream) that hits just the right spots.  It’s a warm and homey dish – a perfect plate to satiate an after-bar appetite.  The tortellini always has a nice bite to them and the rock shrimp filling is delicious.

Italian sausage pizza – Firewood Cafe

Italian sausage pizza Firewood Cafe

Mild Italian sausage, red and green bell peppers, Bermuda onions and homemade tomato sauce.  $10.75
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco

If you like THIN crust pizza, Firewood Cafe in the Castro is the place to go.  They have one of the thinnest crust around which is great for their mostly carb-conscious patrons, hehe!  I personally love thin crust so I often order pizza from here.  They have 5 different pizzas on their regualr menu and usually one daily special, and they’re all pretty good.  The pizzas aren’t the most creative, but they are tasty, decently sized, and very affordable.  Win, win if you ask me.  This Italian sausage pizza was delicious.  I like how the thin crust stayed crispy, and the vegetables did too.  Their homemade sauce isn’t particularly noteworthy, but it’s yummy enough and doesn’t detract from the toppings.  For $10.75, I’m sold!

Marinated olives Firewood Cafe

These marinated olives are complimentary with your order. The small dishes are lined up at the counter. I always want to take more than one! I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for olives…