Herb roasted chicken – Firewood Cafe

Herb roasted chicken - Firewood Cafe
1/2 rotisserie chicken marinated in olive oil, fresh sage, rosemary and garlic. Served with fire-roasted new potatoes and bread. $9.75
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

I love the rotisserie chicken at Firewood. They’re always moist, tender, and full of flavor! It’s a great value and the potatoes make the perfect side.

Herb roasted chicken - Firewood Cafe
Another night, another 1/2 chicken! I’m such a creature of habit, lol!

Purple potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii, Solanaceae), Dolores Street
Purple potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii, Solanaceae), Dolores Street. Also called Royal Robe Paraguay Nightshade. A house down the street has this bush in front and it blooms like crazy!

Corn salad – Firewood Cafe

Corn salad - Firewood Cafe
With basil, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. $4.50
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

This was interesting – maybe a little too sweet for my taste. The combination of the sweet corn kernels and the sweet-ish dressing was a bit much. I will say that they give you plenty of corn!

Marinted olives - Firewood Cafe
Marinted olives. Complimentary.

Hacienda style home, Roosevelt Way

Hacienda style home, Roosevelt Way. I love this house in the Upper Market Terrace neighborhood. It’s actually more of a mansion, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Mushroom pizza – Firewood Cafe

Mushroom pizza - Firewood Cafe
Sautéed oyster and crimini mushrooms with caramelized onions and homemade tomato sauce. $10.25
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mushroom pizza - Firewood Cafe
You really can’t go wrong with sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions – this was delicious! I will say that there may have been too many toppings for the thin crust to handle (gasp, did I just say that?).

Sidewalk graffiti, Market Street

Sidewalk graffiti, Market Street. I usually see the spray painted coi fish stencils on the sidewalk, but this one was new to me!

Chicken pesto pizza – Firewood Cafe

Chicken pesto pizza Firewood Cafe
Rotisserie chicken, pesto sauce, roasted red peppers and sliced red onions. $10.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

This pizza was ok. I usually wouldn’t say this, but I think it had too many toppings and pesto. The crust seemed weighted down by everything. I prefer some of their other pizza options.

Chicken pesto pizza - Firewood Cafe
July 3, 2015. $12.95
This was at SFO and it wasn’t as good. The crust was thicker and a little burnt. Not my favorite.

Pinot noir Firewood Cafe

Pinot noir, red wine. $6.95

Dolores Park, San Francisco
View from Dolores Park. From the corner of Church and 20th Streets, you can get a spectacular view of the city. Mission Dolores High School is to the left and the newly remodeled playground is to the right. On a warm, sunny day Dolores Park gets packed with hipsters and sunbathers!

Chicken caesar salad – Firewood Cafe

Chicken caesar salad Firewood Cafe
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and fresh garlic croutons tossed with homemade caesar dressing. Additional fixings include caramelized onions, candied walnuts, and bleu cheese. $12.20
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

For some reason, I sometimes crave the caesar salad at Firewood. I always add roasted chicken on top and take full advantage of the 3 free additional toppings. “Lite on the dressing”, of course!

Marinated olives Firewood Cafe
Marinated olives. Complimentary.

Telephone wires, 17th Street

Tangle of telephone wires over 17th Street at dawn. Mornings in San Francisco can create the best colors. This subdued purple was absolutely beautiful.

Fish and chips – Firewood Cafe

Fish and chips Firewood Cafe

Generous portion of battered and deep fried fish fillets, served with crispy French fries. $12.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco (SFO)

Wow, I was really surprised how many pieces of fish there was in this basket. There must have been at least six fillets in there! And the French fries were straight out of the fryer hot and perfectly crispy.

Penne bolognese – Firewood Cafe

Project 365: Day 54

I felt really tired this morning, so it was a nice surprise to arrive at work and find out that I’ll be in a training class for the next three days. It’s a nice break from the usually daily grind. I leave for Ohio on Friday so I’m looking forward to that. I just have to keep thinking to myself, “Just 3 more work days after today!”

I’m totally feeling like a gigantic fatty after this weekend. And I didn’t go to the gym this evening because I had to run some clothes to the dry cleaners, and also do some laundry at home. I’m gonna have to work really hard at the gym the next few days.

Penne bolognese Firewood Cafe

Penne pasta with a meat sauce of mild Italian sausage, ground beef, tomatoes, basil, fresh garlic, and grated parmesan cheese. Served with bread. $11.25
Firewood Cafe, SFO San Francisco

This was pretty standard, but it totally hit the spot. I was craving carbs for lunch and the meat sauce was nice and hearty. The portion was also generous and I ended up taking half of it to-go.