Hula’s hurricane cocktail – Hula’s Island Grill

Hula's hurricane cocktail - Hula's Island Grill

3 rums infused with pineapple and vanilla topped with tropical juices and Foslings Black Seal rum. $8
Hula’s Island Grill, Santa Cruz CA

I love the beautiful colors in this cocktail. They make you think of vacations and beaches. I’ve had plenty of frou frou cocktails in my life (hehe), and some of them miss the mark. This hurricane did not disappoint – it was delicious!

Red and green Fuschia flowers
Red and green Fuschia flowers (Onagraceae), The Mystery Spot.

Zombie cocktail – Hula’s Island Grill

Zombie cocktail - Hula's Island Grill

Don Q Cristal rum, passion fruit, pineapple juice, lime juice, Goslings Black Seal rum and Bacardi 151 rum. $8
Hula’s Island Grill, Santa Cruz CA

I had to order something served in a tiki glass during our visit to Hula’s. Enter the zombie cocktail, lol! This drink was delicious and deceptively easy to drink. I definitely felt a buzz after finishing off this fruity concoction.

Red and purple Fuschia flowers
Red and purple Fuschia flowers (Onagraceae), The Mystery Spot.

Hula’s mai tai – Hula’s Island Grill

Hula's mai tai - Hula's Island Grill

Appleton’s gold rum, DeKuyper orange curacao, pineapple and lime juice, orgeat, Goslings Black Seal rum. $7
Hula’s Island Grill, Santa Cruz CA

There was something off with this cocktail. Perhaps the pineapple juice was old, but something just didn’t taste right. This was unfortunate because I do love my mai tai’s.

The Mystery Spot sign
The Mystery Spot sign.

Cocktails – Comme Ca

Ramble cocktail - Comme Ca

Ramble: gin, sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, muddled raspberries, crushed ice.
Comme Ca, Las Vegas NV

Mmm, I LOVED the cocktails at Comme Ca! There were plenty to choose from and they were all deilcious and very different. AND during happy hour they are half off – SCORE!

Sazerac cocktail - Comme Ca
Sazerac: rye whiskey, sugar, peychaud bitters, absinthe.

Hemingway daiquiri - Comme Ca

Hemingway Daiquiri: silver rum, maraschino liquor, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice.

Rose Eight cocktail - Comme Ca
Rose Eight: 108.2′ bourbon, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, honey/grenadine, rose flower water.

New York sour cocktail - Comme Ca
New York Sour: bourbon, sugar, egg white, freshly squeezed lemons, red wine float.

Shimmy Flappers cocktail - Comme Ca
Shimmy Flappers: vodka, aperol, fresh lemon juice, sugar, red wine float.

Jamaican planter’s punch – Smuggler’s Cove

Jamaican planter's punch - Smuggler's Cove

“Where it all began – the heart of the exotic cocktail as enjoyed for centuries in Jamaica. This follows the traditional Caribbean formula: 1 of sour (lime) 2 of sweet (sugar) 3 or strong (dark Jamaican rum), and 4 of weak (ice), with allspice liqueur and Angostura bitters for spice.” $12
Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco CA

Just in time for Friday happy hour, lol! I love most of the drinks at Smuggler’s Cove, but this didn’t do it for me. I think the allspice liqueur was a bit too much.

Cliff House Totem Pole

Cliff House Totem Pole, Point Lobos Avenue.

Puka punch – Smuggler’s Cove

Puka punch - Smuggler's Cove

“Mere mortal bartenders quake in fear at the sight of eleven carefully measured ingredients, but not our intrepid crew. Such is the nature of a great exotic cocktail like this masterpiece from the world famous Tiki-Ti in Los Angeles. Four juices, four rums, and a sea of spices make this ‘Superb in Taste Sensation’.” $14
Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco CA

This is definitely a silent killer! It tastes SO delicious and fruity that you forget that it’s also packed with a ton of alcohol. One of these definitely gets you going so be careful, you don’t wanna barf in their indoor water feature. Lol!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011

Coastal strawberry plants
Coastal strawberry plants (Fagaria chiloensis, Asteraceae), Point Lobos Avenue.