Fresh seafood ceviche – Tabbuli

Fresh seafood ceviche - Tabbuli
Mixed seafood, tomato, red onion, cucumber, citrus, cilantro, spices. $9
Tabbuli, Charleston SC

This was decent. The seafood quality wasn’t the best, but it had good a flavor and was very colorful. The random fried pita chip was a little odd.


Frozen Painkiller cocktail – Tabbuli

Frozen Painkiller cocktail - Tabbuli

A crazy mixture of multiple rums, liquors, and sweet tropical flavors. This delicious drink went down easy but packed quite the punch (albeit delayed)! Lord have mercy! Happy hour, tall $10
Tabbuli, Charleston SC

Flash downpour - Tabbuli
When we started dinner, the evening was warm and pleasant until a flash downpour occurred. Everyone ran from the patio tables to seek shelter under the roof. I thought it was kinda fun!

Papas Francesca – Tabbuli

Papas Francesca - Tabbuli
Fried potatoes, spicy aioli, diced tomatoes, green onions, chopped parsley. $6
Tabbuli, Charleston SC

This was not what I expected, lol! This dish was pretty much seasoned french fries with stuff on top. I think I was expecting potatoes closer to papas bravas. 🙂 But these were tasty, nonetheless! I love seasoned french fries so they really couldn’t go wrong with this one.