Herb grilled fresh fish – Bamboo Restaurant

Herb grilled fresh fish - Bamboo Restaurant
Fresh Hawaiian fish, basted with garden herbs and lightly grilled. Served with salad, steamed rice, tropical fresh fruit salsa and tartar sauce.
Bamboo Restaurant, Hawi HI

Sorry that I forgot what kind of fish this was, but it was their catch of the day. It was pretty good and the portions were generous on everything.

Black sand beach
Black sand beach at Lololu Valley.


The Big Bamboozer – Bamboo Restaurant

The Big Bamboozer - Bamboo Restaurant
A sampler of their most popular pupus: two chicken sate pot stickers, two grilled shrimp with Thai coconut sauce, and two pieces of kalua pork quesadilla. Served with rice and green salad.. $15.95
Bamboo Restaurant, Hawi HI

Wow, this was a lot of food! But the item that I was most excited about, the chicken sate pot stickers, were the least memorable – lame. Everything else was pretty good and had good flavor. I sadly likened this to an Applebee’s sampler platter though. All the food was just piled onto a small plate and it didn’t look very appetizing.

Bamboo napkin ring
Bamboo napkin ring.

Stacked rocks
Stacked rocks, Lololu Valley.

Cocktails – Bamboo Restaurant

Lilikoi margarita - Bamboo Restaurant
Lilikoi Margarita: Invented in 1993, tangy passion fruit with tequila served on the rocks.
Bamboo Restaurant, Hawi HI

This was ok – a little too tart for my liking. It was cute that they’re served in coconut shell glasses though.

Bamboozle iced tea - Bamboo Restaurant

Bamboozle Iced Tea: Our version of the Long Island Tea, gin, vodka, dark rum, tequila and triple sec with pineapple and yes, lilikoi, finished with a splash of Coke.
Either this was super weak, or super well-made. It tasted great and went down easily – uh oh, that could be trouble!

Indian wooden statues

Indian wooden statues, Akoni Pule Highway.