Ga quay chao – Ben Tre

Ga quay chao Ben Tre
Baked five spice chicken marinated in lemongrass and rich herb sauce, served with rice, salad, and fish sauce. $11.25
Ben Tre Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine, South San Francisco CA

Ga quay chao Ben Tre
I’m not sure if this was actually baked, it had a semi-fried texture to me. Maybe it was just finished in the oven. But it was very flavorful and delicious. A bit on the salty side especially if you add the fish sauce, but I think Vietnamese food tends to be salty anyway.

Mixed hot pot curry – Do Brazil

Do Brazil's hot pot
Shrimp, chicken, and mahi mahi in a mild curry, served with white rice, wasabi, and pickled ginger.
Do Brazil, Gustavia, SAINT BARTHELEMY

Do Brazil's hot pot
This dish was ok, a bit on the bland side. I did appreciate the presentation and the large pieces of protein inside.

Elephant door handles
Decorative elephant door handles. The houses and buildings around Gustavia were very cute, and for the most part bright. These antiqued handles looked great against the white doors.

Tom yum gai – Sai Jai Thai Restaurant

Tom yum gai Sai Jai Thai Restaurant

Spicy and sour soup with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, lemongrass and lime juice. $6.95
Sai Jai Thai Restaurant, San Francisco

This was tasty, but it arrived at our table barely warm! Not good. There’s not as much flavor when it’s cold and it starts tasting more sour for some reason. Also, I thought it was weird that the huge pieces of mushrooms and tomatoes were completely raw.

Tom yum gai Sai Jai Thai Restaurant

Cocktails – Betelnut Restaurant

This was a random choice for a Christmas eve dinner, but I’m not traditional in many ways, lol! The food was hit or miss, but the drinks were very good overall. I loved the creativity!
Betelnut Restaurant, San Francisco

Mai tai cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Betelnut’s famous mai tai. Myers’s rum, orgeat and the “cabin sink”. $9.25
Sweet and delicious! Makes me wanna be poolside.

Mao-jito cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Mao-jito. Betelnut’s take on the classic mojito. $9
A little too sour for my taste.

Phuket gimlet cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Phuket gimlet. Hendrick’s gin with lemongrass and thai basil. $8.50
The lemongrass and thai basil combo makes this drink very refreshing.

Burma sour cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Burma sour. The classic sour made with Bulleit bourbon, fresh orange and lemon juice. $8.75
All you need is a warm beach and a beautiful sunset!