Cocktails – Betelnut Restaurant

This was a random choice for a Christmas eve dinner, but I’m not traditional in many ways, lol! The food was hit or miss, but the drinks were very good overall. I loved the creativity!
Betelnut Restaurant, San Francisco

Mai tai cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Betelnut’s famous mai tai. Myers’s rum, orgeat and the “cabin sink”. $9.25
Sweet and delicious! Makes me wanna be poolside.

Mao-jito cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Mao-jito. Betelnut’s take on the classic mojito. $9
A little too sour for my taste.

Phuket gimlet cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Phuket gimlet. Hendrick’s gin with lemongrass and thai basil. $8.50
The lemongrass and thai basil combo makes this drink very refreshing.

Burma sour cocktail Betelnut Restaurant

Burma sour. The classic sour made with Bulleit bourbon, fresh orange and lemon juice. $8.75
All you need is a warm beach and a beautiful sunset!

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