Shrimp tostas – Cozina

Shrimp tostas - Cozina
On house baked ciabatta, served with shoe string French fries. 650 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

We actually weren’t very full towards the end of our dinner since the portions were really small for most items, so we ordered this final item. It tasted pretty good, but the ciabatta bread was a little chewy perhaps undercooked? I don’t think I’d go back to this place.

Sailing around Boracay
Sailing around Boracay.

Chicken and chorizo paella – Cozina

Chicken and chorizo paella - Cozina
Half order 600 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

I wasn’t too impressed with this paella. I think they precook it and then reheat ordered portions in the paella pan because there wasn’t a delicious, crusty layer of rice on the bottom that you get from cooking the paella in the pan the entire time. The flavors were ok, but I thought the quality was mediocre.

Chicken and chorizo paella - Cozina
Our waiter portioning out the paella from the pan.

Station 2 beach
Station 2 beach.

Seared mozzarella – Cozina

Seared mozzarella - Cozina
With organic tomato carpaccio, topped with grilled shiitake with dressed in light truffle oil vinaigrette. 480 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

This was pretty tasty and I loved the shiitake mushrooms on top. My only critique would be that they should have served this with some delicious, crusty bread to spread the mozzarella on and to mop up the yummy vinaigrette.

Boating around Boracay
Boating around Boracay.

Patatas bravas – Cozina

Patatas bravas - Cozina
Fried potato cubes with Barcelona’s Best Selling Sauce. 350 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Meh, these patatas bravas weren’t that good. I’ve had better versions at even cheaper restaurants, and there weren’t very many in that little bowl. I’m not sure what they mean by “Barcelona’s Best Selling Sauce”, but I’m sure it’s just a spicy tomato/red pepper sauce and aioli.

Kamakaze cocktail - Cozina
Kamakaze cocktail: vodka, triple sec and house made sour. 180 PHP

Koi pond
Koi pond, Boracay Regency.

Chicken croquettes – Cozina

Chicken croquettes - Cozina
Potato croquettes filled with chicken, topped with chopped chicken and aioli. 330 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Mmm. these little morsels were really tasty, but everything at this restaurant seemed a tad overpriced which kinda took away from the enjoyment. The croquettes were warm and fluffy and had a great flavor. Noms!

Waiter call-pad - Cozina
Waiter call-pad. I love these things. They’re super helpful especially when you’re dining on the beach and the server has to walk to and from the restaurant.

Boracay sunset
Boracay sunset, Station 1.