Chicken croquettes – Cozina

Chicken croquettes - Cozina
Potato croquettes filled with chicken, topped with chopped chicken and aioli. 330 PHP
Cozina, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Mmm. these little morsels were really tasty, but everything at this restaurant seemed a tad overpriced which kinda took away from the enjoyment. The croquettes were warm and fluffy and had a great flavor. Noms!

Waiter call-pad - Cozina
Waiter call-pad. I love these things. They’re super helpful especially when you’re dining on the beach and the server has to walk to and from the restaurant.

Boracay sunset
Boracay sunset, Station 1.

10 thoughts on “Chicken croquettes – Cozina

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m reading your Boracay posts now so I can have more choices of places to eat when I go there. Hehe πŸ™‚

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