Country steak and gravy – Bongo Johnny’s

Country steak and gravy - Bongo Johnny's
Golden brown cube steak and country gravy with two eggs (over medium) and hash browns. Served with whole wheat toast. $11.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

I really enjoyed this (even though my arteries say “no”!). The country steak was nicely fried and the gravy was tasty. The hash browns were also nice and crispy and not greasy. NOMS!


Mini buffalo chicken meatballs – Bongo Johnny’s

Mini buffalo chicken meatballs - Bongo Johnny's
Dozen housemade meatballs covered with Frank’s Red Hot sauce served with bleu cheese, celery, and carrot sticks. $9.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

I’m doubtful that these meatball are actually housemade. They felt and tasted previously frozen to me, but maybe that’s because they were of poor quality. I didn’t enjoy this very much. The meatballs were dry and boring.

Fish sandwich – Bongo Johnny’s

Fish sandwich - Bongo Johnny's
Two pieces of crispy battered cod filet on a buttered grilled bun, with tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Substitute for gorgonzola fries with Frank’s Red Hot sauce. $11.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

This sandwich was huge! I guess I didn’t pay attention when it said “two pieces” of fish, lol! Anyway, it tasty pretty good and it certainly was filling. I didn’t like their gourmet fries though. I didn’t realized that they were going to get covered with the hot sauce and gorgonzola, so they came out REALLY limp and unappetizing.

Mexican chicken caesar – Bongo Johnny’s

Mexican chicken caesar - Bongo Johnny's
Grilled chicken breast, queso fresco, romaine lettuce, pepitas, tomatoes, and housemade tri-color corn chips, tossed in garlic, olive oil, and cilantro dressing. $11.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

I enjoyed this. It was one of the few lighter items on their menu, but it didn’t lack in flavor. The chicken was also pretty tender despite my weariness of grilled whole breast because they dry out pretty quickly.

Bbq bacon burger – Bongo Johnny’s

Bbq bacon burger - Bongo Johnny's
Johnny’s bbq sauce, onion rings, smoked cheddar, and bacon served with crinkle-cut fries and a pickle. $11.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

The bacon was the best part of this burger because it was cooked perfectly. The patty was tender enough but a bit on the bland side. It could have been seasoned a bit better so thank goodness for the bbq sauce. Overall, it was ok.

Diamond Head nachos – Bongo Johnny’s

Diamond Head nachos - Bongo Johnny's
Chicken, refried beans, pepper jack/cheddar shred and scallions on tri-colored tortilla chips with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. $9.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

This was a huge plate of nachos, but they weren’t anything special. I guess the multi-colored chips were supposed to elevate it but that didn’t really happen. It was pretty standard nachos, and dare I say a little on the bland side.

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