Bbq chicken – Sorabol

Bbq chicken - Sorabol
With steamed broccoli and brown rice. $8.95
Sorabol, San Francisco CA

When I want a crap-load of protein at a great price, Sorabol is where it’s at! I’ve recently refrained from getting the brown rice and just getting extra broccoli. I love it! Yes, it’s kinda fatty and yes it’s on the salty side and maybe the proteins aren’t the best quality, but it hits the spot and definitely fills me up!

Spicy bbq pork bowl – Sorabol

Spicy bbq pork bowl - Sorabol
Thinly sliced pork (dwegi gui) smothered in spicy chili pepper paste. Served with steamed rice, chap chae (Korean style glass noodles) and vegetables. $6.95
Sorabol, San Bruno CA

This probably wasn’t the best thing to eat after getting a teeth cleaning at the dentist, but I was starving and craving this yummy pork. Sorabol definitely isn’t authentic Korean by any means, but it somehow hits the spot nonetheless.

Stained glass window, San Bruno Bart Station
Stained glass window, San Bruno Bart Station. As you descend onto the station platform on the escalator, look up and witness this colorful stained glass.