Cochinita pibil dinner – La Tortilla

Cochinita pibil dinner - La Tortilla
Pork marinated in achiote lemon sauce with marinated red onions, peppers and garlic. Served with rice, black beans, salad, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.
La Tortilla, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavor of the pork, but it was really dry. I wish they could have used a different cut or added more fat into the dish.

Chicken asada super nachos – La Tortilla

Chicken asada super nachos - La Tortilla
Tortilla chips topped with grilled chicken, black beans, cheese, spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream. $7.75
La Tortilla, San Francisco

Hmm, I wasn’t impressed with these nachos this time around. The chicken asada was on the dry side and kinda salty. Perhaps I should stick with the other protein options…

Door with graffiti, Bernal Heights
Door with graffiti, Bernal Heights.

Chicken mole super nachos – La Tortilla

Chicken mole super nachos - La Tortilla
Tortilla chips topped with shredded chicken in mole sauce, black beans, cheese, spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream. $7.75
La Tortilla, San Francisco

I love the nachos at La Tortilla. Not because they’re particularly amazing or special, but because they’re so saucy and huge and packed with tons of flavor (and a great value). I really can’t ask for more at this price. Great job, La Tortilla!

Don't stop believing
“Don’t stop believing” sidewalk stencil.

Chicken enchiladas – La Tortilla

Project 365: Day 116

Oi vey, it was another difficult morning, lol! Last night, we had gone to my “cousin” Kris’ apartment to celebrate his birthday with some of his friends. Then we headed to Soho and went to several bars – I remember Ku Bar and Lo-Profile. 🙂 A couple of D’s friends met us out and we ended up at one of their apartments and doing more shots, ouch! It was a great night.

D went into full-on tour guide mode today and we walked around central London to see many of the touristy sites: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s Church, Trafalgar Square, National Portrait Gallery, Hungerford Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. PHEW, that was a lot of walking and Tube riding! Even though it was rainy and dreary most of the day, I have to say that I LOVE London!

We also got to meet D’s boyfriend Alex who was really cool. Tonight we’re gonna head to a restaurant closer to D’s place. He lives in north London near Burnt Oak Station on the Northern Line.

Chicken enchiladas La Tortilla
Grilled chicken wrapped in corn tortillas, topped with cheese and enchilada sauce. Served with salad, sour cream and guacamole. A la carte $7.80
La Tortilla, San Francisco CA

Mmm, chicken enchiladas are my favorite! This one at La Tortilla is ok, but I do like their (limited) salsa bar so I can get more to put on top!

Chips and salsa La Tortilla
Chips and salsa. Complimentary.

Chicken enchiladas - La Tortilla
April 5, 2014. A la carte $7.80
Graffiti artwork, Market Street
Bright graffiti artwork in an alley off Market Street. The alley is located between Valencia and Gough Streets, next to Delessio Market. Very cool!

Al pastor super nachos – La Tortilla

Al pastor super nachos La Tortilla

Tortilla chips topped with braised pork, black beans, cheese, salsa fresca, guacamole and sour cream.
La Tortilla, San Francisco

So the food here isn’t the best Mexican food you’re gonna eat in the city but it’s convenient, fast, affordable, and they serve large portions.  Their al pastor has decent flavor and is sufficiently tender.  Everything else is pretty standard, but I do like their salsa bar. I tend to drown everything in extra salsa, hehe!