Spicy fried chicken sandwich – The Bird

Spicy fried chicken sandwich - The Bird
Celery-Fiji apple slaw, mayo, pickle, bun. $8
The Bird, San Francisco CA

Oh lord, why does this sandwich have to be SO good?! I think I’ve had this fried chicken sandwich way too many times to be good for my figure, hehe. I will say that you need their homemade sriracha to with every bite to make it perfect.


Veal – Tordomatto

Veal - Tordomatto
Batterave and sorel. “Tradition” tasting menu €65
Tordomatto, Rome ITALY

I loved how they made the vegetable (beet?) look like a hollow bone with marrow. The veal was tender and delicious. I only wish that it had a little sear on it for more texture.