Curly fries – The Bird

Fully loaded fries - The Bird
The Bird, San Francisco CA

I love curly fries, and these were pretty good. I wonder if they make their own or if these come frozen. Either way, they were perfectly fried and not too greasy.


Spaghetti in puttanesca sauce – Tordomatto

Spaghetti in puttanesca sauce - Tordomatto
Dried herbs. “Tradition” tasting menu €65
Tordomatto, Rome ITALY

There was just a single swirl of this spaghetti on the plate, but it was a satisfying one! The noodles were more al dente that I’m used to but it worked to hold up to the intense flavor of the sauce and the fine dried herbs on top. It was spaghetti like I’ve never tasted before!

Silverware place setting - Tordomatto
Silverware place setting.