Dutch crunch bbq pork buns – Mister Jiu’s

Dutch crunch bbq pork buns - Mister Jiu's
Mister Jiu’s, San Francisco CA

These were definitely different from regular pork buns with the Dutch crunch exterior. I really liked the pork filling, but I wasn’t sold on the exterior since it ended up on the dry side.

Dutch crunch bbq pork buns - Mister Jiu's


Tricolore bruschette – Nessun Dorma

Tricolore bruschette - Nessun Dorma
Tomatoes, stracchino cheese, pesto, basil. €9
Nessun Dorma, Manarola ITALY

Omg, this was delicious! And there was SO much of it! I loved the pesto and it the whole thing just tasted fresh and wonderful. The bread was also very hearty so it made for quite the meal.

House red wine - Nessun Dorma
House red wine.