Breakfast of champions – Red Carpet Club

Banana and coffee - Red Carpet Club
Banana and coffee. Complimentary
Red Carpet Club, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

I hate morning flights, but I do love getting free snacks and drinks at the Red Carpet Club. And few cocktails are always a great idea before boarding a long flight, lol!

Bloody mary - Red Carpet Club

Bloody mary. Complimentary

Terminal 2 Air Train station

Terminal 2 Air Train station.

Bloody mary – Circa 59

Bloody mary - Circa 59

Standard bloody mary. $7
Circa 59, Palm Springs CA

Circa 59 is the restaurant at the popular Riviera Resort Palm Springs and I gotta say, that for a nicer venue, this placed sucked! The service was horrendous and the food (posts to come) was disgusting and simply a slap in the face. Places that keep their business solely on popularity are just sad. I’m not sure how they maintain guests with such horrible service and food! It took forever to get water, order, receive our first drinks, get our food, have it cleared, get our check, pay for brunch, etc! I think our brunch took 3 hours because nobody seemed to be working. What a joke!

Succulent plant centerpiece - Circa 59

Succulent plant centerpiece.

Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort
Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort. Perhaps it’s Sammy Davis Jr.?

Bloody mary – Crave

Bloody mary - Crave

This was a REALLY good deal! I guess they want to get you drunk early on – that’s my kinda place! They came is pretty large glasses and tasted great! Two for $5 with brunch entree
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

Fort Sumter view from Fort Moultrie
Looking out towards Fort Sumter from Fort Moultrie. I still haven’t toured Fort Sumter located at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. It’s on my list, hehe.

Bloody mary – The Girl & The Fig

French bloody mary - The Girl & The Fig

French bloody mary. House-made bloody mary mix, pernod. Garnished with lime, caper berry, and celery. $8
The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma CA

Balsamic bloody mary - The Girl & The Fig

Balsamic bloody mary. House-made bloody mary mix, blasamic vinegar. Garnished with olive, lime, caper berry, and celery. $8

We sat in the back patio of this cute restaurant on the northwestern corner of the town plaza. You can’t do Sunday brunch without yummy bloody mary’s! I think I liked the balasamic bloody mary a little better because it had a more vibrant flavor.

Red-orange roses (Rosa sp., Rosaceae), Gundlach Bundschu Winery
Beautiful red-orange roses (Rosa sp., Rosaceae), Gundlach Bundschu Winery. This was my favorite winery of this Sonoma trip. The wine was delicious and the lady behind the bar was SO helpful and friendly.

Bloody mary – Farley Bar

Bloody mary - Farley Bar

Vodka and tomato juice cocktail, garnished with olive, onion, caper berry and lime. $10
Farley Bar, Sausalito CA

The bloody mary was very good, but it was also a bloody mary from the other table that the waitress spilled all over the table, my leg and shoes! I wasn’t mad, but an apology (or some form of acknowledgement) would have been nice. And extra napkins to wipe it up, geez!

Golden Gate Bridge from Sausalito
The view of Golden Gate Bridge from Cavallo Point is stunning! A great way to start a Sonoma weekend trip.

Bloody Mary – The Slanted Door

Bloody Mary The Slanted Door

I’m not a big Bloody Mary fan, but this one was absolutely beautiful!  I love the purple cauliflower made the entire cocktail.  It was unexpected and pretty.  The drink had a nice kick, but it took forever to reach out table.  I think we had eaten a course or two before it finally arrived – not cool!  $10
The Slanted Door, San Francisco