BBQ Gulf shrimp – Town Hall

BBQ Gulf shrimp - Town Hall
Worcestershire sauce, scallions, sprouts, garlic herb toast. $15
Town Hall, San Francisco CA

This tasted good, perhaps way too salty, but it still had great flavors. You would think that a nicer place like Town Hall would know better than to over-season their food, but maybe they were having an off night. Nicely cooked shrimp has to be one of my favorite things especially with the heads attached. I’ve always been surprised at how many people won’t try sucking out the heads because they’re afraid or disgusted. But that’s where all the favorite is! Mmm, shrimp heads are SO amazing, NOMS!

Game still life
Game still life, de Young Museum.

Bloody mary cocktails – Foreign Cinema

Sunday bloody caesar cocktail - Foreign Cinema

Sunday bloody caesar cocktail – House-made clamato, fresh lime, Worcestershire and house-infused jalapeno vodka, flavorful yet lighter than the cousin Mary! $10
Foreign Cinema, San Francisco CA

Persian bloody mary - Foreign Cinema

Persian bloody mary – An exotic blend of lime, south Indian curry, sumac, and sherry vinegar and vodka. $10

I really enjoyed both of these bloody mary’s. The first one definitely had more of the traditional flavors and the Persian one took a few sips to get into, but I really enjoy its inventive flavor combination for a bloody mary. The sumac salt was also really pretty and the pickled fennel was a great addition.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

Colorful San Francisco homes, Castro Street
Colorful San Francisco homes, Castro Street.

Bloody Mary – The Slanted Door

Bloody Mary The Slanted Door

I’m not a big Bloody Mary fan, but this one was absolutely beautiful!  I love the purple cauliflower made the entire cocktail.  It was unexpected and pretty.  The drink had a nice kick, but it took forever to reach out table.  I think we had eaten a course or two before it finally arrived – not cool!  $10
The Slanted Door, San Francisco