Cocktails – Figo

Rosso di Sera cocktail - Figo
Rosso di Sera: Bulleit, aperol, grenadine, lemon, egg white emulsion, mint sprig.
Figo, Palo Alto CA

We were killing time before meeting some friends for dinner so we slipped into Figo for a couple cocktails. These were well-made and I loved that they used huge, singular ice cubes. My kinda place!

Manhattan - Figo

Los Gatos Creak Trail
Los Gatos Creak Trail sign, Vasona Reservoir.


Cocktails – Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Town and Desert cocktail - Workshop Kitchen + Bar

“Town & Desert, the original name of one of our favorite local mid-modern hangouts (orbit in’s hideaway). White whiskey, solerno blood orange liqueur, lemon and egg white bring vintage Palm Springs to mind with its abundant citrus, bright flavors and creamy texture.” $10
Workshop Kitchen + Bar, Palm Springs CA

I was really impressed by the cocktails at Workshop. They were expertly made and while not all of them agreed with me in flavor, I appreciated the thoughtful ingredients they used to make these concoctions.

Ward 8 cocktail - Workshop Kitchen + Bar

“Ward 8, rye, house made grenadine, fresh lemon and orange juices, originating in Boston around the turn of the 20th century and named after a notoriously corrupt voting district; fortunately for us the political corruption of yesteryear is virtually extinct (insert big wink here). However, this drink is as delicious and morally in debt as it ever was.” $10

Old fashioned - Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Old fashioned with Eagle rare single barrel 10 year bourbon. $10

Workshop Kitchen + Bar sign
Workshop Kitchen + Bar sign.

El Topo roll – SUSHISAMBA

El Topo roll - SUSHISAMBA
Salmon, jalapeno, shiso leaf, fresh melted mozzarella, crispy onion. $14

El Topo roll - SUSHISAMBA
This was a fun sushi roll with lots of textures. I’ve never had a roll with melted fresh mozzarella before so that was different. It was warm and creamy and the fried onions gave it more flavor and crunch. I think the sauce was sriracha based and spicy. Very good!

Soy sauce - SUSHISAMBA
Soy sauce.

Hakata cocktail – SUSHISAMBA

Hakata cocktail - SUSHISAMBA

A Samba signature cocktail – Svedka clementine vodka, yuzu juice, simple syrup, grenadine, sugared rim, lemon slice. $12

I liked the flavor of this cocktail and I thought that the chipped ice was fun, but there is WAY too much sugar on that rim! It made the drink way too sweet and difficult to taste anything else. Sweet lady bartender though!

Magnolia Manhattan – Magnolias

Magnolia Manhattan - Magnolias

Bulleit rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, splash of grenadine, and a dash of bitters. $10
Magnolia’s – Uptown Down South, Charleston SC

Gotta love the relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant! Service is sweet and friendly and the drinks are nicely made. This Manhattan was delicous!

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. I have to admit that this bridge looks really cool! One of these days, I’m gonna run this thing.

Cocktails – Fish & Farm

I enjoyed these cocktails at Fish & Farm but I don’t think they were worth $12 a pop. You can get delicious, more intricate cocktails and other places for less money. And you’ll get larger pours!
Fish & Farm, San Francisco

The Scofflaw cocktail Fish & Farm

The Scofflaw. Classic Prohibition Era cocktail. Templeton rye, dry vermouth, house-made grenadine, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Reagan’s orange bitters, orange peel garnish. $12

Basil Blush cocktail Fish & Farm

Basil Blush. Hangar One vodka, fresh lime juice, agave nectar with a fist full of basil and freshly Watkins cinnamon shaken and served up. $12

Taylor Street Margarita cocktail Fish & Farm

Taylor Street Margarita. Herradura Blanco tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar shaken hard and served on the rocks. $12

Pama Manhattan cocktail Fish & Farm

Pama Manhattan. Woodford Reserve bourbon, Pama pomegranate liquor, chilled and served up, garnished with a brandied cherry. $12