Fried catfish sandwich – Magnolias

Fried catfish sandwich - Magnolias
With lettuce, tomato, cheddar chesese, green tomato, and tartar sauce on a toasted hoagie roll. Served with jalapeno-peach coleslaw and butter pickles. $12
Magnolia’s – Uptown Down South, Charleston SC

SO good! The catfish was delicious and perfectly fried – not greasy at all. The jalapeno-peach coleslaw was a pleasant option and you gotta love butter pickles. The sandwich was pretty large but the upper hoagie bun was too thick for me. I wish they could have toasted it a little more.

Housemade bread and butter - Magnolias
Housemade bread and butter. I know that the butter was flavored but I forget what it was exactly – it was delicious though!

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum. This historic building sits on the corner of Market Street and Meeting Street at the western end off covered market area. It looks cool from the outside, but I haven’t gone inside yet. I like that you can walk underneath it to enter the market behind it.


Magnolia Manhattan – Magnolias

Magnolia Manhattan - Magnolias

Bulleit rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, splash of grenadine, and a dash of bitters. $10
Magnolia’s – Uptown Down South, Charleston SC

Gotta love the relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant! Service is sweet and friendly and the drinks are nicely made. This Manhattan was delicous!

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. I have to admit that this bridge looks really cool! One of these days, I’m gonna run this thing.