Steelhead roe and egg salad – State Bird Provisions

Steelhead roe and egg salad - State Bird Provisions
Wow, this was really good! Who would have thought that trout eggs and egg salad would go SO well together? Now I’m a believer and I want more!
State Bird Provisions, San Francisco CA

Indian rhubarb flowers
Pink Indian rhubarb/umbrella plant flowers (Darmera peltata, Saxifragaceae), Castro Street.

Hamachi jalapeno – Tsunami

Hamachi jalapeno - Tsunami
Slices of yellowtail with avocado, jalapeno rings and black tobiko with white truffle ponzu. Happy hour $5
Tsunami, San Francisco CA

This dish was really pretty to look at and flavorful as well. I simply love how the food was inventive and playful at Tsunami.

Super spicy tuna roll – Sushi Delight

Super spicy tuna roll - Sushi Delight
Spicy tuna, jalapenos and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and tobiko. $11
Sushi Delight, San Francisco CA

I get the feeling that people generally discount Sushi Delight as a legitimate sushi restaurant because it’s attached to The Mint, but I like the place. They serve great tasting sushi at great prices. Yes, their rolls aren’t the most authentic but they’re not purporting to be. Despite what others think of this place, I’m a fan!

Place setting - Sushi Delight
Place setting.

Spicy scallop roll – Tokkuri Tei

Spicy scallop roll - Tokkuri Tei
Scallop mixed with masago and spicy mayonnaise. Uramaki (inside-out) $9.50
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

Mmm! It’s a bit sad that one of the better rolls we had here was a simple spicy scallop roll. Some of the other items weren’t so fresh tasting, but maybe the spicy mayonnaise helped to cover up the old flavor. Who knows? I still enjoyed it.

Garbage container, Waikiki Beach
Garbage container painted with Philodendron leaves, Waikiki Beach.