Risotto alla pescatora – Napoletano’s Pantheon

Risotto alla pescatora - Napoletano's Pantheon
With mussels, clams, and shrimp. €17
Napoletano’s Pantheon, Rome ITALY

This risotto was really tasty! I thought it was going to be a throw-away dish, but they packed it with plenty of nicely cooked seafood. I would order this again in a heartbeat! Mmm…

Seafood fried rice – Mister Jiu’s

Seafood fried rice - Mister Jiu's
Rock shrimp, salted cabbage, chives, egg, red XO. $19
Mister Jiu’s, San Francisco CA

This seafood fried rice was legit! The rice was still tender, and all the ingredients were of really nice quality. Even the shrimp were juicy and not over-cooked as in most fried rice dishes. Yummy!

Lasagna – Napoletano’s Pantheon

Lasagna - Napoletano's Pantheon
Baked lasagne with minced beef, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese. €11
Napoletano’s Pantheon, Rome ITALY

Just like mama used to make! Ok, my mom never made me lasagna growing up, but if she did I would hope that it tasted like this one! This tasted great – it was hot, gooey from the cheese and the meat sauce was delicious. A total winner!

Ma po silken tofu – Mister Jiu’s

Ma po silken tofu - Mister Jiu's
With ground pork, chilies, green onion. $16
Mister Jiu’s, San Francisco CA

I think Mission Chinese Food got me into loving mapo tofu because have such a spicy and flavorful version. This version at Mister Jiu’s wasn’t nearly as spicy, but it was flavorful in its own right. I love the fine texture of the dish, and it tasted great over rice.