A typical family gathering!

Whenever I’m back visiting Seattle, my large family scattered throughout the Puget Sound usually finds a day when we can all get together and catch up. These parties are fun because I get to see all my brothers and sister, nieces and nephews, and any random relative who has been invited. Here are some pics of some the food that I snapped throughout the day.

Smoked chicken wings
Smoked chicken wings. One of my brothers has really gotten big on smoking things so he made these amazing chicken wings for the party. They were super tender and juicy and had a great smokey flavor!

Frying lumpia
Frying lumpia. No Filipino gathering is complete without these delicious babies! We fry so many of them throughout the day that we have to do it on the back patio so the house doesn’t smell like oil all day.

Freshly fried lumpia
Freshly fried lumpia. These are SO good straight from the fryer. My sisters always let me steal a few before they even make it to the table. Noms!

BBQ'ing steak and corn on the cob
BBQ’ing steack and corn on the cob. Our family gatherings never have a food theme. We just make anything and everything we feel like eating. Heck yeah!

Beef tostada and grilled short ribs
Beef tostada and grilled short ribs. See what I mean? Our stomachs know no culinary border. You certainly have to be prepared to eat all day during these parties.

Jello - a kaleidoscope of colors
Jello – a kaleidoscope of colors. These look labor-intensive to make especially considering the amount of colors they used. Regardless, they were yummy!

Pancit. This isn’t a very good pic because this was the last of the stuff. I kept forgetting to take pics earlier cause I was too busy stuffing my face, lol!

Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge “Galloping Gertie”. I’ve always thought this bridge was really beautiful. I cross it every time I drive back home.

7 thoughts on “A typical family gathering!

  1. This is incredible! This is up there as one of my favorite posts you’ve done. Everything looks so great. I would have more family gatherings if we cooked goodies like that!

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