Classic mai tai – The Edge of Waikiki

Classic mai tai - The Edge of Waikiki
Cruzan aged light rum, pineapple juice and tropical liqueurs with a dark rum float. Carafe $28
The Edge of Waikiki, Honolulu HI

These were tasty, pretty weak but tasty. I really liked our bartender/server though. He was really friendly and he made sure that we always had plenty of ice in our glasses. Yay for great service!

Pre-boarding snacks – Air France KLM Lounge

Pre-boarding snacks - Air France KLM Lounge
Vodka cranberry cocktail, ham and cheese sandwich, brie, dried apricots. Complimentary
Air France KLM Lounge, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This lounge was small than I expected. I arrived between international flights so there wasn’t a lot to choose from in terms of food. As more passengers arrived, they put out more food and always walked around passing out warm cookies (which were very yummy).

Pre-boarding snacks – United Club

Pre-boarding snacks - United Club
Chinese donut balls, raisin bread, bloody mary, Coors light beer. Complimentary
United Club, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

This was the first time I’ve seen Chinese donut balls at a United Club. They definitely weren’t authentic – they were really just regular donut balls, but at least they tried to be fancy with the nomenclature, lol!

Chipotle pad thai – Trove

Chipotle pad thai - Trove
Pork belly, yu choy, chili peanut. $13
Trove, Seattle WA

This tasted fine, but it was so far from a pad thai that it didn’t hit the spot and left me wanting more. This dish was also pretty salty like the previous dumplings. The pork belly  and chili peanuts tasted good though.

Tacoma Fashioned cocktail - Trove
Tacoma Fashioned: bourbon, Rainier beer syrup, Angostura and orange bitters. $9

Oyster shooters – Arnies Restaurant

Oyster shooters - Arnies Restaurant
With cocktail sauce. Happy hour $0.99 each
Arnies Restaurant, Edmonds WA

I’m always wary of oyster shooter because I feel like it’s a way for restaurants to get rid of their older oysters. Anyway, I tried on e of these and it wasn’t my thing. The oysters were too large for my liking, and it just didn’t taste all that fresh.

House margarita - Arnies Restaurant
House margarita.

Pre-boarding snacks – United Club

Pre-boarding snacks - United Club
Salumi, cheese, pita, veggies, nuts and dried fruit, Rose Kennedy cocktail. Complimentary
United Club, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

They improved the United Clubs at SFO, and they know provide a wider variety of snacks. They tend to get really busy though so sometimes it’s no longer any more relaxing than being in the terminal areas.

Sopes surtidos – Colibri Mexican Bistro

Sopes surtidos - Colibri Mexican Bistro
Sope assortment with beans, chicken, shredded pork and sauteed vegetables with crumbled queso fresco, onion and sour cream. $12
Colibri Mexican Bistro, San Francisco CA

These sopes were clunky and looked unappetizing, but they were actually pretty good! They each tasted very different so it was a nice plate of flavors to begin the meal.

Margarita de la casa - Colibri Mexican Bistro
Margarita de la casa. House margarita with Montealban Blanco tequila and house lime juice mix. $11