Chipotle pad thai – Trove

Chipotle pad thai - Trove
Pork belly, yu choy, chili peanut. $13
Trove, Seattle WA

This tasted fine, but it was so far from a pad thai that it didn’t hit the spot and left me wanting more. This dish was also pretty salty like the previous dumplings. The pork belly  and chili peanuts tasted good though.

Tacoma Fashioned cocktail - Trove
Tacoma Fashioned: bourbon, Rainier beer syrup, Angostura and orange bitters. $9

Curry “laksa” – Betelnut Restaurant

Curry laksa - Betelnut Restaurant
Chicken, prawns, tofu, lo mein noodle, mint, basil. $14.50
Betelnut Restaurant, San Francisco CA

Meh, I wasn’t too impressed with this laksa. It seemed a little watered down to me. I wish there was more depth of flavor and a kick to it.

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Nam prik ong – Hawker Fare

Nam prik ong - Hawker Fare
Northern-style relish with housemade red curry paste, ground pork, tomato, palm sugar, fish sauce, served with pork rinds and vegetables. $10.50
Hawker Fare, San Francisco CA

This dish tasty great, but boy was it SALTY! Even the vegetables couldn’t temper the saltiness of the pork relish. I like the flavors though.

Pago Pago cocktail - Hawker Fare
Pago Pago: dark Trinidad rum, pineaplle, creme de cacao, chartreuse and lime.

Blistered green beans – Hawker Fare

Blistered green beans - Hawker Fare
Tossed with prik khing sauce, pork bacon. $9.50
Hawker Fare, San Francisco CA

This tasted great! I loved the texture of the green beans and they were super flavorful. The service on the other hand left much to be desired. They were friendly enough but weren’t good at anticipating a diner’s needs. Boo!

Bush Ranger cocktail - Hawker Fare
Bush Ranger: aged Guyanese rums with red Spanish vermouth and bitters.

Twice fried chicken wings – Hot Joy

Twice fried chicken wings - Hot Joy
Crab fat caramel, peanuts, cilantro oil. $11.99
Hot Joy, San Antonio TX

Mmm, these wings were SO delicious! They were greasy at all and the flavors were wonderful. They were slight sticky, sweet and salty, and perfect.

Respect Your Elder cocktail - Hot Joy
Respect Your Elder: gin, elderflower, grapefruit, house made ginger beer. Happy hour $4.99

Samurai cats bathroom wall paper - Hot Joy
Samurai cats bathroom wall paper.