Twice fried chicken wings – Hot Joy

Twice fried chicken wings - Hot Joy
Crab fat caramel, peanuts, cilantro oil. $11.99
Hot Joy, San Antonio TX

Mmm, these wings were SO delicious! They were greasy at all and the flavors were wonderful. They were slight sticky, sweet and salty, and perfect.

Respect Your Elder cocktail - Hot Joy
Respect Your Elder: gin, elderflower, grapefruit, house made ginger beer. Happy hour $4.99

Samurai cats bathroom wall paper - Hot Joy
Samurai cats bathroom wall paper.

Shrimp chips – Hot Joy

Shrimp chips - Hot Joy
Served with Thai dip. Happy hour $3.50
Hot Joy, San Antonio TX

I loved this place! It was fun, hip, and the food was delicious. And the snacks during happy hour were super cheap! These freshly fried shrimp chips were hot and SO flavorful. They really didn’t need the Thai dip to add any more flavor. The dip was definitely salty, but I guess that’s intentional to get guests to drink more.

Lone Star beer - Hot Joy
Lone Star tall boy. Happy hour $1.99