Vittle Monster is back! …kind of.

Golden Gate Bridge

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence. I started a new job and my schedule has been crazy busy without much free time. I’m finally settling in at work so hopefully I can carve out time on the weekends for some much needed Vittle Monster blogging. I’ve certainly missed keeping up with all of your magnificent blogs!

Also, I’m vacationing in Vietnam and the Philippines this month so I definitely won’t be blogging during the trip. I’ll be too busy stuffing my face with all their delicious food and then lounging beachside. I’d love to get some posts queued up to publish while I’m away though.

If anyone has any food/restaurant recommendations in the Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Manila, and Boracay areas, please send them my way!


14 thoughts on “Vittle Monster is back! …kind of.

  1. Welcome back!

    For Manila: Tao Yuan in Resorts World Manila, Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt, Claw Daddy’s in High Street, Kamayan is ok too, especially with their crossover buffet

    Ahh Boracay! : Zuzuni, Smoke Restaurant, Lemoni Cafe, Andok’s Litson Manok, Bite Club, there’s a nice, Greek rest there too,forgot the name.


  2. Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts! Good luck on your new job and have a happy vacation. I look forward to seeing your posts about Vietnam since I’ve never been!

  3. Welcome back, Vicente. Good luck with the new job. Have a safe travel. Don’t forget to document everything you eat and please do share. Oh, gawd for the love of food he he he…Thanks for visiting my blog before you start traveling and liking my post. Have a fabulous time in Vietnam and Philippines. 🙂

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