Big Hot Mess – Heritage

Big Hot Mess - Heritage
Bbq pork belly, poached egg, potatoes, smoked cream cheese, tomato aioli, $14
Heritage, Richmond VA

The service here was horrendous and so was this dish! It was truly a hot mess. The egg was the lightest poach I’ve ever seen. The albumen was still SO translucent and slimy. The smoked cream cheese (and there was a lot of it) had a horrible grainy texture and the flavor was overwhelming. Suffice it to say I was disgusted and will never return to this horrible place.

Scrapple and eggs – Dutch Eating Place

Scrapple and eggs - Dutch Eating Place
Eggs over medium, wheat toast. $4.95
Dutch Eating Place, Philadelphia PA

I’m still surprised (and alarmed) when I travel to a place that doesn’t ban the use of styrofoam. It’s such a horrible thing!

Anyway, back to the food. I didn’t like this very much, and not because of the styrofoam! The scrapple had an odd texture. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to taste and feel, but the other times I’ve had scrapple were at nice restaurants so maybe they had performed some culinary magic to deceive me into liking it. I love offal and such so I thought that this would be great – not the case. The toast was also lame and barely even toasted. The eggs just looked sad.

Chocolate croissant – Residenza Gens Julia

Chocolate croissant - Residenza Gens Julia
With orange juice and coffee.
Residenza Gens Julia, Rome ITALY

I really liked this place! It was centrally located and the accommodations were wonderful. All the staff were super friendly, much made out stay very enjoyable. They also had a selection of pastries for breakfast. We usually just grabbed-and-go because we wanted to get out to see the sites.

Mini smoked salmon and avocado yogurt roll – Gail’s Bakery

Mini smoked salmon and avocado roll - Gail's Bakery
Gail’s Bakery, Hove ENGLAND

This place is really cute, and it kinda felt like it could have been a cool, relaxed neighborhood in San Francisco. The service was friendly and the food was good. They have a variety of bakery and breakfast items on the counter or you can order a la carte. Definitely a great place for a relaxed morning.