Caramelized fish clay pot – Vietnamese Kitchen

Caramelized fish clay pot - Vietnamese Kitchen
Ca kho to. With chilies and scallions, served with steamed rice. 114,000 VND
Vietnamese Kitchen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

And this was the final straw! This sad clay pot with a single tiny slice of fish came out super salty and dry. Don’t be fooled with the illustrated menu depicting a lush clay pot with multiple pieces of fish. It’ll come to your table as sad as this picture looks! I love Vietnamese food but this restaurant gave a horrible representation of their delicious cuisine. Vietnamese Kitchen is getting away with highway robbery charging this much for crap food! Ugh, I guess you have to eat shitty food to appreciate the good meals. Lame…

Nightlife in the backpacker's district
Nightlife in the backpacker’s district. This is where Vietnamese Kitchen is so you’ve been fairly warned. Eat at any other restaurant, there are plenty to choose from!

Stir fried chicken with lemongrass – Vietnamese Kitchen

Stir fried chicken with lemongrass - Vietnamese Kitchen
Ga xao xa ot. With chilies and onions, served with steamed rice. 114,000 VND
Vietnamese Kitchen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

Omg, this chicken was SO horrible! It was probably the driest chicken I’ve eaten in a really long time and it tasted old. Ugh, I couldn’t eat more than a few bites. This restaurant is ridiculous for charging so much for really disgusting food.

Chinese New Year decorations
Parts of the city were still splashed with Chinese New Year decorations, but they were slowly removed as the week progressed.

Green mango salad – Vietnamese Kitchen

Green mango salad - Vietnamese Kitchen
Goi xoal kho sac. With dried fish, shrimp chips, and red chilies. 94,000 VND
Vietnamese Kitchen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

This place sucked! The food was mediocre at best, overpriced, and the service was rude and surly! This green mango salad was slimy and SUPER salty. I’m the last person to complain about saltiness because I love it, but this was TOO much. I really wish we hadn’t eaten here!

War Remnants Museum
War Remnants Museum.