Cheat sangria!

Whenever we’re down at the PS house, I always make a large batch of sangria to keep in the refridgerator. I love the stuff because it’s so refreshing and nice to have around on a hot, sunny day!

Sangria fruit
At the nearby grocery store, I look for a variety of fruit that are on sale or look particularly good. I like to get a nice mixture for extra flavor. Here I have nectarines, pears, oranges, mangoes, and apples.

Sliced sangria fruit
Slice up the fruit and place in a bowl. I like to keep them in large chunks because eating the alcohol soaked fruit is the best part.

Sangria mix

Here’s where I cheat. I mix 1 part bottled sangria (I really like the Cruz Garcia Real Sangria brand) with 1 part red wine (I’ll just get anything on sale because I’m just mixing it with the sangriz mix anyway). I’ve experimented with the different sangria brands and have found that a higher quality brand really makes a difference on the end result. The bottled sangria tends to be too sugary for my taste so adding more wine helps to temper the sweetness.

Sangria glass

Pour some sangria into a decorative glass and enjoy poolside. Cheers!

Work bbq at Marina Park

Marinated chicken on the grill

Marinated chicken on the grill (with Maggie girl in the background)!

Our work group decided to have another weekend bbq to celebrate a birthday/last day of work. We decided to switch it up and have it in the East Bay this time around. It was a little cold and windy, but we had a great time eating, drinking, playing volleyball, and just hanging out.
Marina Park, San Leandro CA

Lighting the charchoal grill
It took a bit of effort and lot of lighter fluid to get this baby going!

Kalbi spareribs and more meat
Kalbi spareribs, fried chicken wings, more meat and corn on the cob wrapped in foil.

Cheese and fruit plate
Cheese and fruit plate.

Lemon cheesecake
I made a lemon cheesecake!

Easiest chicken salad sandwich ever!

Easiest chicken salad sandwich
I make this sandwich with leftovers and things I already had in the house, so it’s super easy!

Leftover roasted chicken from the store, chopped
Celery, finely chopped
Tartar sauce
Salt and pepper
Bread or roll

Combine the first 6 ingredients in a bowl and mix to the consistency and seasoning you like. I’ve found that adding tartar sauce is great because it already has some of the great flavors I enjoy. There’s usually some in the fridge already so it’s also very convenient. Scoop a generous portion onto the bread, top with cheese, then I like to put it under the broiler until the cheese is melted and the bread is a little toasted.

There you have it! A delicious, quick and easy chicken salad sammy, enjoy!

Lavendar pansies (Viola tricolor, Violaceae)
Lavendar pansies (Viola tricolor, Violaceae), Jersey Street.

David makes a pan-fried pork chop dinner!

Aw, I love it when David cooks dinner! I try and offer to do the dishes, but he’s such a putzer that he ends up doing them before I can get the chance. Hehe! This meal was lovely and a nice change of pace from eating out. As much as I love dining at restaurants, it’s the home cooked meals that I remember the most!

Pan fried pork chop and dirty rice
Tender pork chop served with dirty rice and beans.

Mixed greens, beets and feta salad
Mixed greens salad with sliced beets and feta cheese. Simple and delicious.

Assorted marinated olives
Assorted marinated olives. He knows that I love olives so he was sweet enough to purchase some to snack on.

Ornamental lemon tree (Citrus sp., Rutaceae)

Ornamental lemon tree (Citrus sp., Rutaceae), Roosevelt Way. You can see Twin Peaks in the background covered in a shroud of fog.

Salumi, cheese and tapenade

Project 365: Day 7

Omg! I am SO tired. I biked almost 15 miles to work this morning even though my legs were still tired from squats a couple days ago. Then Rapunzel, Papa Chang and I took a 30-minute bike ride before lunch. And then I biked to Bart after work and back home from the Bart station near my house. I was so hungry all day because I burned so many calories from biking. Maybe I’m over doing it on the exercise. I keep thinking, “Cruise, cruise, cruise!” I even had a dream about the cruise last night!

I’ve got to say that taking the midday ride was really fun and beautiful! It was nice to get out of the office, get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. I love being outside and I’m glad that some of my coworkers do too!

Salumi cheese and tapenade

Prosciutto, salame al tartufo, taleggio cheese, reblochon prefere de fromi cheese, mixed olive tapenade, fig and olive tapenade, multiseed flatbread.

After I had an early dinner, I was still super hungry so I made myself a nice snack plate to munch on while catching up on DVR. I love truffle flavored salami – I bought these from Whole Foods. Actually, everything on this plate is from Whole Foods, lol!

Risotto with chicken sausage, tomatoes, and roasted vegetables

Project 365: Day 5

I really should stop going out on a work night, ouch! Met Hubbs and Shumster out for drinks last night and of course all the usuals were out too. Needless to say, I stayed out later than I should have and ended up eating cheap, greasy Chinese take out. Not good. What is good is that Hubbs might join the Ireland trip, yay!

Risotto with chicken sausage

Arborio rice, organic chicken sausage, canned tomatoes, organic chicken broth, organic brussels sprouts, organic mushrooms, organic garlic, organic onions, organic butter, brillat savarin, olive oil, salt and pepper.

I love risotto because I can just whip it up and throw in any leftovers I need to get rid of. I had a package of chicken sausage that I had purchased on sale so I made this risotto that I will be eating the next couple of days for work lunches. It’s not very traditional but it tastes fickin’ good! I try to cook using all natural and organic ingredients when I can.

"Mostly" organic breakfast

Project 365: Day 2

Egg sandwich

So this is what I make for breakfast pretty much every work day. Eating the same thing every morning probably sound boring, but it’s fast, delicious and mostly healthy! I’ll make a fried runny egg sandwich using a One Bun whole wheat 100 calorie bun, an organic egg, 2 slices of prosciutto, and cheese. La Quercia prosciutto is my preferred choice. I buy it at my neighborhood Whole Foods, but they sometimes run out of stock and won’t get more for over a week, lame! Then I have to buy some replacement brand. I think this one is Fiorucci – not as yummy. I rotate the cheeses depending on what’s on sale at Whole Foods. Right now I’m on a super nommy wedge of brillat savarin.

Egg sandwich and coffee

I have to have coffee in the morning! It helps wake me up and I love the taste. I buy organic coffee (different brands depending on what’s on sale) and use an organic vanilla flavored soy creamer. I’d prefer to use a milk based creamer, but none of the organic brands have a flavored option. Egg sammich + coffee = happy vicenteSF!

So I’m still feeling sick today, but I’ve decided to go into work anyway. Partly because I don’t want to use up all my sick leave and partly because Rapunzel got screwed yesterday with SO much work. I guess some other people called in sick, too. I wish I could have another day in bed to fully recover but I guess I feel well enough to at least go in and get some work done.