"Mostly" organic breakfast

Project 365: Day 2

Egg sandwich

So this is what I make for breakfast pretty much every work day. Eating the same thing every morning probably sound boring, but it’s fast, delicious and mostly healthy! I’ll make a fried runny egg sandwich using a One Bun whole wheat 100 calorie bun, an organic egg, 2 slices of prosciutto, and cheese. La Quercia prosciutto is my preferred choice. I buy it at my neighborhood Whole Foods, but they sometimes run out of stock and won’t get more for over a week, lame! Then I have to buy some replacement brand. I think this one is Fiorucci – not as yummy. I rotate the cheeses depending on what’s on sale at Whole Foods. Right now I’m on a super nommy wedge of brillat savarin.

Egg sandwich and coffee

I have to have coffee in the morning! It helps wake me up and I love the taste. I buy organic coffee (different brands depending on what’s on sale) and use an organic vanilla flavored soy creamer. I’d prefer to use a milk based creamer, but none of the organic brands have a flavored option. Egg sammich + coffee = happy vicenteSF!

So I’m still feeling sick today, but I’ve decided to go into work anyway. Partly because I don’t want to use up all my sick leave and partly because Rapunzel got screwed yesterday with SO much work. I guess some other people called in sick, too. I wish I could have another day in bed to fully recover but I guess I feel well enough to at least go in and get some work done.

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