Roasted pork loin sandwich – A.G. Ferrari

Roasted pork loin sandwich - A.G. Ferrari
Pecorino romano cheese, fresh arugula, garlic aioli, tomatoes on focaccia. Added olive tapenade and had it toasted. $8.99
A.G. Ferrari, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this sandwich was delicious! I’ve always had my sandwiches pressed at A.G. Ferrari because they’re always better warm and gooey. Even if the sandwich traditionally uses a different type of bread, I’ll request it on focaccia and have it pressed.

Macaroni salad - A.G. Ferrari
Side of macaroni salad. I’m loving the tiny macaroni pasta.

Marin miyagi oysters – Basa Seafood Express

Marin miyagi oysters - Basa Seafood Express
Complimentary sushi. 2 oysters $3
Basa Seafood Express, SF Street Food Festival 2013, San Francisco CA

These were SO gross! Granted I’m not a fan of large oysters, and these miyagis weren’t even that large, but they were luke warm (and it was a warm day out), poorly shucked (there were shell bits everywhere!), and they didn’t look or taste fresh! I drowned the smaller of the two oysters in lime juice hoping to kill any lingering bacteria and reluctantly ate it. It tasted disgusting so I threw away the second oyster. Ugh, SO disgusting! Even the sushi sample tasted old!

Mission mural
“There’s so much love in this city” mural, The Mission. I wish I had more love for Basa Seafood!

Coppa, mortadella and Swiss sandwich – Lucca Ravioli Company

Coppa, mortadella and Swiss sandwich - Lucca Ravioli Company
On hard sourdough, mayo and mustard packets on the side. $5.95
Lucca Ravioli Company, San Francisco CA

This delicious, no frills sandwich is sliced to order and pretty large for six bucks! The meats are yummy and they put a good amount of it in the sammy. Yay! Next time I’ll probably get the soft sourdough bread though. This was a little too hard for me, especially since I didn’t put any condiments on it.

Coppa, mortadella and Swiss sandwich - Lucca Ravioli Company
Still wrapped in the butcher paper.

Lucca Ravioli Company, Valencia Street
Lucca Ravioli sign on the side of the store.

Zucchini bread – Napa Farms Market

Zucchini bread - Napa Farms Market
Freshly grated zucchini is baked into this hearty bread that’s complimented by crunchy walnuts and spiced cinnamon. $2.75
Napa Farms Market, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

I think it’s interesting that this market sells baked goods from City Baking Company which is actually based out of South San Francisco and not Napa Valley. Oh well, the bread was delicious and cut nice and thick.

Small drip Equator coffee - Napa Farms Market

Small drip Equator Coffees & Teas. $2.25

Peach ice cream – Hyman’s General Store

Homemade peach flavored ice cream. Small $2.75
Hyman’s General Store, Charleston SC

Omg, three scoops of ice cream is a small here! That’s a lot of ice cream! It was very good and I liked the airy consistency. The store is next to Hyman’s Restaurant which always has a crowd of people waiting to dine inside. It looks SUPER touristy though so I prolly won’t try it.

Charleston Waterfront Park Pier
Charleston Waterfront Park Pier. Took a stroll after dinner and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the park.

Apple danish – Upper Terrace Market

Project 365: Day 102

Worked out this morning before meeting D-Dubs for breakfast at Dolores Park Cafe. I had to give him Kry’s camera before he flies out for Germany. It was nice catching up with him and I’m super excited to meet then in Dublin in 1.5 weeks. Had to go into work again for a quick assignment. Now, I’ve just been working on this blog, doing laundry, and watching tv. This weekend as flown by! Now I have to pack for my trip to Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon. Ugh, I’m SO tired of traveling!

Apple danish Upper Terrace Market

I’m not sure where they get their pastries, but this apple danish was calling to me. It was pretty good! And I love the friendly guys at Upper Terrace Market. It’s such a cute, neighborhood corner store.
Upper Terrace Market, San Francisco

Coffee Upper Terrace Market

Small coffee.