Marin miyagi oysters – Basa Seafood Express

Marin miyagi oysters - Basa Seafood Express
Complimentary sushi. 2 oysters $3
Basa Seafood Express, SF Street Food Festival 2013, San Francisco CA

These were SO gross! Granted I’m not a fan of large oysters, and these miyagis weren’t even that large, but they were luke warm (and it was a warm day out), poorly shucked (there were shell bits everywhere!), and they didn’t look or taste fresh! I drowned the smaller of the two oysters in lime juice hoping to kill any lingering bacteria and reluctantly ate it. It tasted disgusting so I threw away the second oyster. Ugh, SO disgusting! Even the sushi sample tasted old!

Mission mural
“There’s so much love in this city” mural, The Mission. I wish I had more love for Basa Seafood!

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