Jalapeno poppers – Balancoire

Jalapeno poppers - Balancoire
Served with ranch dressing. $8
Balancoire, San Francisco CA

Sure these jalapeno poppers were probably from a huge frozen bag from Costco, but they were still great. I knew what I was getting when I order them so I wasn’t disappointed by the low quality. I did like that they were fried well and not at all greasy. Who doesn’t love cheap junk food now and then?

San Francisco sunrise
San Francisco sunrise.

Breakfast cocktails – Balancoire

Mary cocktail - Balancoire

Mary: Reposado tequila, spicy tomato blend. $10
Balancoire, San Francisco CA

Since our food and service experience at this restaurant was a disaster, we were hoping that they could at least make a decent cocktail. Unfortunately, they couldn’t. The mimosa was super low quality and the bloody mary had a weird aftertaste. Boo!!!

Mimosa - Balancoire

Mimosa. $6

Redwood sorrel
Redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana, Oxalidaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Eggs New Orleans – Balancoire

Eggs New Orleans - Balancoire
Crabcake, toasted baguette, sauce maltaise, potatoes, mixed greens. $14
Balancoire, San Francisco CA

Ok, this dish looks decent but it tasted like crap. The crabcake was not only cheap and frozen, but it was made with imitation crabmeat! The sauce maltaise was cold as were the potatoes, and the toasted baguette underneath was pointless. Fail!

Walt Disney Family Museum
The Walt Disney Family Museum, Presidio.

Balancoire scramble – Balancoire

Balancoire scramble - Balancoire
Seasonal veggies, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese, potatoes, mixed greens. $12
Balancoire, San Francisco CA

I don’t know how this place is as a club, but as a restaurant it SUCKED! Yelp, you failed me on this one. The food was below marginal and the service was cringingly awkward. These scrambled eggs were super runny and overly cheesy. The potatoes were barely cooked and I think the salad had cheap bottled salad dressing on it. I did like the andouille sausage but even they were inconsistently charred and cooked. Boo!

Biscuits - Balancoire
Biscuits. Compimentary
Omg, these were literally jockey pucks. I’m not sure why they even bothered serving them because they felt and tasted like they were over a week old!

Police telephone box
Police telephone box, Marina.