Sweet basil chicken – Coriander Gourmet Thai

Sweet basil chicken - Coriander Gourmet Thai
With steamed rice. $9.24
Coriander Gourmet Thai, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavor of the chicken, but it was pretty dry and overcooked. They gave a good amount of food though.


Roasted lamb meatballs – Vino Volo

Roasted lamb meatballs - Vino Volo
Shaved parmesan, mint basil pesto, creme fraiche. $15
Vino Volo, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

These meatballs were gross. They had a weird squishy texture and a weird flavor. I usually love lamb, but not these!

California Kings red wine flight - Vino Volo
California Kings red wine flight. $14