Smoked salmon rolls – Vino Volo

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Smoked salmon served with succulent crabmeat and crispy crostini. $11
Vino Volo, Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

This were such a disappointment. The crostini were so small, dry, and crumbly that they had to chance to stand against any toppings. Also, the mixed crab spread was mush and disgusting as was the old smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon rolls – Vino Volo

Smoked salmon rolls Vino Volo
Smoked salmon served with succulent crabmeat and crispy crostini, caper berries on the side.
Vino Volo, Oakland (OAK) CA

I must admit that I expected something else when I ordered these salmon “rolls”. Not sure where the rolls are, but they were tasty nonetheless. For airport food, I was surprised that the salmon and crab meat tasted fresh and delicious. And the caper berries were a great addition.

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