Duck wings “a l’orange” – RN74

Duck wings a l'orange - RN74
Florida orange gastrique. $18
RN74, San Francisco

I don’t know what all the fuss is about these duck wings. I didn’t like them at all. They were hard, tough, overcooked and really difficult to chew through. The orange gastrique was also too bitter and didn’t do much to any need moisture to these dry wings. Lame.

Maison L'Oree Bourgogne Pinot Noir - RN74
Pinot Noir, Maison L’Oree Bourgogne V.V. 2012.

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Artisan cheese plate & Country pate ‘bourguignon’ – DB Brasserie

Artisan cheese plate & County pate bourguignon - DB Brasserie
Selection of 3 cheese, quince preserves, nuts, cranberry bread. Happy hour $9
Pork pate, pickled vegetables, grain mustard, country bread. Happy hour $9
DB Brasserie, Las Vegas NV

This place has a great happy hour! I love their food selection and everything is very tasty. The service is also friendly and accommodating. These boards were great and the portions were perfect. Call me crazy, but I hate it when they give you a gigantic pieces of cheese to over-feed you. I would rather get less cheese and not have to waste any. Anyway, both the cheeses and pate were delicious.

JL Colombo rose - DB Brasserie
JL Colombo rose, Cape Bleue, Mediteranee. Happy hour $5

Chef’s selection flatbread – Carpe Diem Wine Bar

Chef's selection flatbread - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Blue cheese sauce, pancetta, shishito pepper, potato, parmesan. Happy hour $9
Carpe Diem Wine Bar, Napa CA

Mmm, this flatbread was delicious! I’m not totally sold on the addition of the shishito peppers though – they didn’t quite fit to me. The blue cheese sauce was yummy though and the other toppings worked well together.

Inkberry cabernet sauvignon - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Inkberry cabernet sauvignon. Happy hour $6

Cheese and charcuterie board – Carpe Diem Wine Bar

Cheese and charcuterie board - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Prosciutto, salame, brillat savarin and other cheeses, grilled bread, candied walnuts, cornichons, fruit compote and mustard. Happy hour $10
Carpe Diem Wine Bar, Napa CA

This wasn’t the fanciest charcuterie board I’ve ever had, but it was certainly delicious. And at ten bucks, it was a fantastic value. I loved the brillat savarin (one of my favorite cheeses) and the grilled bread and other accompaniments were yummy.

Pol Clement brut & Inkberry cabernet sauvignon - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Pol Clement brut. Happy hour $6