Braised lamb shank – Saltrock Southwest Kitchen

Braised lamb shank - Saltrock Southwest Kitchen
White grits, baby spinach, cucumber-feta salad, poblano-mint salsa verde. $26
Saltrock Southwest Kitchen, Sedona AZ

This was ok I guess, but the lamb shank was on the tough and chewy side. It would never make up for this horrible dining experience at Saltrock!


Citrus swordfish – Saltrock Southwest Kitchen

Citrus swordfish - Saltrock Southwest Kitchen
Tomatillo-pineapple puree, mango salsa, jicama and lime buttermilk. $28
Saltrock Southwest Kitchen, Sedona AZ

This swordfish was dry and overcooked, and overpriced at twenty-eight bucks. This lame dish matched their lame service. Good to know that they’re at least consistent.

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