Tiger prawns with crab sauce stew – Region

Tiger prawns with crab sauce stew - Region
With bacon, sweet onion and jalapeno, served with rice. $17
Region, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavors in this dish, but it was definitely on the salty side and the tiger prawns were overcooked. I’m not surprised…

Steamed rice - Region
Steamed rice. Complimentary

Sutro Baths site
Sutro Baths site, Point Lobos Avenue.

Grass fed Mongolian beef – Region

Grass fed Mongolian beef - Region
Tossed with homemade potato chips. $17
Region, San Francisco CA

This was another first for me – Mongolian beef with potato chips. Most Mongolian beef dishes come with the fried noodles that add a crispy texture, but these had potato chips. They were only somewhat crispy because the sticky sauce had soften them a bit. Believe it or not, I found this dish oddly amazing! Perhaps it’s because of the fact that I was eating potato chips with my entree. I felt guilty and happy at once.

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach, Great Highway.

Lemongrass pork and beef skewers – Region

Lemongrass pork and beef skewers - Region
Served with tamarind sauce. $12
Region, San Francisco CA

These were ok, but I wasn’t expecting them to be ground meat served kebab style but using Japanese kushiyaki skewers. Hmm, perhaps they have their cuisines mixed up? Or maybe I’m just ignorant when it comes to skewers. Oh well…

Jaguar artwork

Jaguar(?) artwork on doors, Mission Street.

Crispy Chao Zhou rolls – Region

Crispy Chao Zhou rolls - Region
Shrimp and pork filling, sweet and sour sauce. $9
Region, San Francisco CA

Omg, these little rolls were SO hot (temperature-wise), and they stayed hot for a long time. It was difficult to eat them without burning your mouth. They did taste pretty good though, and I loved the multiple layers of the thin, crispy wrapper.

Pink succulent
Pink succulent (Crassulaceae), West Field Road.

Manhattan rye – Region

Manhattan rye - Region

Templeton rye whiskey, antica formula, morello cherry juice. $10
Region, San Francisco CA

Boy, do they like to keep this place dark! I guess it’s to create a cool, hip atmosphere but it seems too much when it’s early on and SO bright and sunny outside. This cocktail was OK, but perhaps with too much cherry juice.

Stranded jellyfish
Stranded jellyfish at Fort Funston.