Beignets – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

Beignets - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Hmm, these were disappointly on the hard side. Ugh, it’s not right that beignets can be this bad! $4.75
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

Cute kid on Bart

Lol, this kid on Bart had such an expressive face! 🙂

Fried catfish po boy – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

Fried catfish po boy - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Basic po boy with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a toasted roll. $8.49
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

I don’t think I can review this sandwich fairly because I got it to-go and it wilted a little before I was able to eat it. I will say that the catfish was flavorful, but a little greasy.

Beer kegs at The Dubliner pub

Beer kegs outside The Dubliner pub, 24th Street.

Noona’s hush puppies – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

Noona's hush puppies - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Cornmeal fritters served with even more butter! $2.49
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

I normally LOVE hush puppies, but these were dense and SUPER greasy, argh! Damn you spiteful gods – I wanted to enjoy these fried, artery-clogging pillows smothered in butter! Instead, I could barely finish one.

Evergreen garland with lights
Fresh cedar and Douglas fir evergreen garland with lights, 24th Street.

Authentic seafood gumbo – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

Authentic seafood gumbo - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Served with white rice and saltine crackers. Cup $4.99
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

There’s a reason why this gumbo has been voted the best in 2010 by San Francisco Weekly – it’s really damn good! I was amazed at the rich smokey flavor of this soup and I enjoyed the medium consistency of the broth. I will add that they could have added more things in the gumbo to make it more subtantial. It was so flavorful that I really just wanted more of it! Noms!

Mural at Mission High School
Music themed mural at Mission High School, Church Street.

3 piece dark fried chicken meal – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

3 piece dark fried chicken meal - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Two thighs and a drumstick fried chicken value meal with French fries. $5.99
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

Hmm, after hearing so many rave reviews about this place I was sadly disappointed by the quality of their food. The fried chicken were SUPER greasy making them unpleasant to eat. The fries were also soggy and flavorless.

Hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)

Hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Dolores Street.