Sauteed abalone – Oswald

Sauteed abalone - Oswald
With watercress, apple and bacon. $15
Oswald, Santa Cruz CA

Mmm! I don’t eat abalone very often, but I’m definitely a fan when it’s prepared correctly. It has a tendency to become very tough and chewy so a skilled hand is needed for this delicate protein. Oswald did a great job with this dish. The abalone was beautifully cooked and still tender and very flavorful. NOMS!

Milk thistle

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum, Asteraceae), Pigeon Point, Pescadero.

Milk thistle

Dungeness crab – Oswald

Dungeness crab - Oswald
With avocado, greens (mache), parmesan crisp, pineapple and balsamic reduction. $13
Oswald, Santa Cruz CA

Mmm, this was very tasty! My one complaint was that the whipped avocado and picked crab mixture both had smooth and silky textures. I wish the avocado had been a little more firm to stand up to the crab (and feel less like baby food).

Hotel Paradox entrance

Hotel Paradox entrance vegetation.