#29 roll – Ebisu

#29 roll - Ebisu
Yellow tail, salmon and shrimp wrapped with soybean paper, deep fried, with tuna outside. $13
Ebisu, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This was actually decent for airport sushi. The fish wasn’t the most fresh but I liked the combination of ingredients. I’ve also never had a fried roll that was then wrapped in more rice and tuna – pretty cool.

Gyoza – Ebisu

Gyoza Ebisu

Pan fried pork pot sticker dumplings, served with gyoza sauce. $4
Ebisu, SFO San Francisco

Mmm, even though there were probably previously frozen, they still tasted good and fulfilled my fatty/salty cravings. I love gyoza, even when I buy them from an Asian market and completely butcher them while cooking. So I guess that’s why I’m forgiving even when I go out to restaurant and receive bad ones.

Sansai soba – Ebisu

Sansai soba Ebisu

Soba noodles with assorted Asian vegetables, fungus, and slcied greet onions. $8.50
Ebisu, SFO San Francisco

Like most items at Ebisu in International Terminal G, this soup is VERY salty! The broth has pretty good flavor, but I don’t think I can ever finish an entire bowl of this because of the high salt level. This is an interesting bowl of soup though because all the vegetables are all cut long and thin so they look and work well with the buckwheat soba noodles. Just wish