Rio style moqueca – Bossa Nova

Rio style moqueca - Bossa Nova
Local shellfish (mussels, shrimp, fish), coconut milk, soffrito and croutons. $22.50
Bossa Nova, San Francisco CA

This is my favorite dish at Bossa Nova and I order it every time. Unfortunately, this time around they served it without any bread and it took a while to get the waitress’ attention afterward. That was a bit careless, but this seafood stew is so warm and comforting that it quickly eases any frustration. Mmm!

Ocean beach
Ocean beach, Great Highway.


Chicken croquettes – Bossa Nova

Chicken croquettes - Bossa Nova
Coxinha served with aioli. $8.75
Bossa Nova, San Francisco CA

Chicken croquettes - Bossa Nova
These were very interesting croquettes. The shell on these things were SO hard. It was actually really difficult to break into them with a fork and knife. The sheer hardness of it fascinated me to some extent but it was also annoying to eat. The interior was a bit bland and had an odd mushy texture.

Colorful floral mural

Colorful floral mural, The Mission.

Caipirinha and Manhattan cocktails – Bossa Nova

Caipirinha and Manhattan cocktails - Bossa Nova
Caiprinha: top shelp cachaca and fresh lime. $10
Manhattan: bourbon, vermouth, bitters. $9
Bossa Nova, San Francisco CA

I love caipirinhas because they’re so light and refreshing (just like Brazilians I guess)! Bossa Nova makes some pretty good caipirinhas but I’m always a little surprised how much they cost here. I’m not sure I’m convinced that they deserve this price point.

Purple cherry blossom mural

Purple cherry blossom mural, Potrero Hill.