Suzuki & Maguro nigiri – Crazy Sushi

Suzuki nigiri Crazy Sushi

Slice of sea bass on a mound of rice with a dab of wasabi and garnished with sliced scallions. $3.99 for two pieces

Maguro nigiri Crazy Sushi

Slice of tuna. $3.99 for two pieces
Crazy Sushi, San Francisco

Both these nigiri have such a beautiful pink color.  I loved the maguro, and I recommend maguro nigiri to all the novice sushi eaters out there since I think it’s one of the least fishy tasting.  Maguro is readily available at sushi places and is more forgiving on a squeamish palette.  I’m definitely no sushi expert, but I try to eat out of my comfort zone.  That’s why I tried the suzuki, and I’ll say that I’m not a fan.  Perhaps Crazy Sushi’s cut wasn’t fresh, but it had an odd flavor that did not agree with me.  I had to dunk that piece mulitple times into the soy sauce to get it down.

Salad Crazy Sushi

I love the free side salad at Japanese restaurants with the familiar sesame, ginger dressing. Yum!

Sapporo Crazy Sushi

And what’s a sushi dinner without some Japanese beer? Sapporo is my prefered choice, hehe!

Natural 1/2 rack lamb – ANZU

Rack of lamb ANZU
Grilled lamb served with Zinfandel essence and wasabi mustard sauces, truffle scalloped potatoes, and a mushroom custard topped with sauteed carrots and zucchini.
ANZU, San Francisco

I ordered the lamb cooked medium, and I must say that they did a wonderful job!  It had a great crust on the outside and was nice and tender on the inside, just how a lamb rack should be.  It had a wonderful flavor and paired well with the Zinfandel and wasabi sauces.  I must note that the scalloped potatoes had an overwhelming truffle aroma and taste. A little truffle oil goes a long way – remember that when cooking with it at home!  The mushroom custard was a nice surprise accompaniment since it wasn’t on the menu.