Idiazabal cheese – Tinto

Idiazabal cheese - Tinto
Semi-firm, raw, sheep’s milk. with pear, membrillo and honey. Summer prix-fixe menu $38
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

Never had this cheese before and it tasted great. I’m a huge cheese fan so I’m always excited to try varieties that are new to me. I think the good food helped to calm me down after dealing with the clueless hostess and my eyes finally adjusting to the cave-like dimness of the restaurant even when it was blindingly bright outside.

Bread with smoked salmon spread - Tinto
Bread with smoked salmon spread. Complimentary
This was frickin’ delicious!

Purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum, Poaceae)
Purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum, Poaceae) in the backyard of the PS house.


Roasted beets – RN74

Roasted beets RN74

With butternut squash, quince, arugula, olio nuevo olive oil, chestnut vinaigrette. New Year four-course tasting menu $80
RN74, San Francisco

This was tasty! I love the combination of sweet, earthy beets and peppery arugula. The vinaigrette and diced toppings were also lovey.

Bread and butter RN74

Bread and butter with salt. I love real butter, SO good!