Lemon poppy seed donut – Philz Coffee

Lemon poppy seed donut - Philz Coffee
Philz serves a variety of vegan organic donuts Pepples Donuts. $2.
Small mocha tesora coffee. $3
Philz Coffee, San Francisco CA

Pepples donuts are cakey and pretty much covered in glaze. While I enjoy that they’re vegan and organic, that thick sweet sugary glaze was just too much! Philz coffee is still my favorite. I swear there’s crack in it or something, lol!

Iochroma cyaneum (Solanceae)

Purple-blue Iochroma cyaneum (Solanceae) flowers, Roosevelt Way.

Onion and poppy seed bialy – Arizmendi Bakery

Project 365: Day 97

Not much to share today. I’m SO bored with this work trip and I really wish I could fly home tomorrow, but I have to wait until Thursday. Gonna stay in my hotel room tonight and have leftovers. I’m really unmotivated to do anything right now. Omg, I forgot to mention that we had a fire alarm at 2 am the other night. That was the worst! I contemplated staying in bed and trying to ignore the alarm, but it was TOO loud. We waited outside for a good 15-20 minutes before we could re-enter the hotel. Then I could NOT fall back asleep for the life of me. That was SO lame!

Onion and poppy seed bialy Arizmendi Bakery

Delicious, warm bread with chopped onions, poppy seeds, and garlic oil. $1.50
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco

Philz bagel – Philz Coffee

Philz bagel Philz Coffee

Seeded wheat bagel toasted with olive oil, then spread with a light layer of cream cheese, topped with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, then lightly sprinkled with salt. $3.25
Philz Coffee, San Francisco

This is my absolute favorite bagel breakfast sandwich EVER! I always get it on some kind of wheat bagel and ask for “light on the cream cheese” (just to be safe), hehe. It’s SO flavorful and you don’t feel gross and heavy after eating it. NOMS!

Jacob's Wonderbar Brew Philz Coffee

Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew coffee. Any of Philz coffees + Philz bagel = a perfect morning!