Coffee breaks – Philz Coffee

Iced coffee - Philz Coffee
Small iced coffee.
Philz Coffee, San Francisco CA

There are many coffee companies in San Francisco, but Philz is STILL my favorite! Their coffee is delicious, they are the most consistent, and the their many flavors are very distinct. Mmm, makes we want to take another coffee break!

Philz handmade espresso - Philz Coffee
Philz handmade espresso. Small $2.75

Coffee - Philz Coffee

Pair of fresh drip coffees.

Maple donut – Philz Coffee

Maple donut - Philz Coffee
Philz serves a variety of vegan organic donuts from Pepples Donuts. $2.
Small Soooo good coffee. $3
Philz Coffee, San Francisco CA

Ok, I need to stop eating Pepples donuts because there’s just way too much glaze and it hurts my teeth to bite through them. But I will never stop drinking Philz coffee – it’s like crack!

Lion King opening curtain
Lion King opening curtain, Orpheum Theatre.

Lemon poppy seed donut – Philz Coffee

Lemon poppy seed donut - Philz Coffee
Philz serves a variety of vegan organic donuts Pepples Donuts. $2.
Small mocha tesora coffee. $3
Philz Coffee, San Francisco CA

Pepples donuts are cakey and pretty much covered in glaze. While I enjoy that they’re vegan and organic, that thick sweet sugary glaze was just too much! Philz coffee is still my favorite. I swear there’s crack in it or something, lol!

Iochroma cyaneum (Solanceae)

Purple-blue Iochroma cyaneum (Solanceae) flowers, Roosevelt Way.

Philz bagel – Philz Coffee

Philz bagel Philz Coffee

Seeded wheat bagel toasted with olive oil, then spread with a light layer of cream cheese, topped with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, then lightly sprinkled with salt. $3.25
Philz Coffee, San Francisco

This is my absolute favorite bagel breakfast sandwich EVER! I always get it on some kind of wheat bagel and ask for “light on the cream cheese” (just to be safe), hehe. It’s SO flavorful and you don’t feel gross and heavy after eating it. NOMS!

Jacob's Wonderbar Brew Philz Coffee

Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew coffee. Any of Philz coffees + Philz bagel = a perfect morning!