Sambal shrimp – Arnies Restaurant

Sambal shrimp - Arnies Restaurant
Three-chili sauce and napa slaw. Happy hour $8.25
Arnies Restaurant, Edmonds WA

This was pretty good! It’s comparable to what other restaurants call “firecracker” shrimp – breaded and deep-fried with a sticky mayo sauce. The napa slaw was nice in cutting the fattiness of the shrimp.

Oyster shooters – Arnies Restaurant

Oyster shooters - Arnies Restaurant
With cocktail sauce. Happy hour $0.99 each
Arnies Restaurant, Edmonds WA

I’m always wary of oyster shooter because I feel like it’s a way for restaurants to get rid of their older oysters. Anyway, I tried on e of these and it wasn’t my thing. The oysters were too large for my liking, and it just didn’t taste all that fresh.

House margarita - Arnies Restaurant
House margarita.

Duck wings “a l’orange” – RN74

Duck wings a l'orange - RN74
Florida orange gastrique. $18
RN74, San Francisco

I don’t know what all the fuss is about these duck wings. I didn’t like them at all. They were hard, tough, overcooked and really difficult to chew through. The orange gastrique was also too bitter and didn’t do much to any need moisture to these dry wings. Lame.

Maison L'Oree Bourgogne Pinot Noir - RN74
Pinot Noir, Maison L’Oree Bourgogne V.V. 2012.

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